Bernadette’s First Day Home


Bernadette travelled home from Vancouver on Sunday the 9th and had a great trip compared to the trip to Vancouver.  She was so happy to be home.  Monday was her first full day in her familiar surroundings.  It had the same effect as a blood transfusion!  It perked her right up and she was like herself again, except for her energy level.

Golden ArchesUnfortunately we had to run into Salmon Arm to the lab for blood work.  We left later in the day hoping to miss all the waiting because sitting in chairs hurts her bum a lot.  We got in and discovered the lab techs can’t draw blood from her central line!  We ended up down at the hospital where we had to wait (anyone who has experienced emergency waiting rooms can relate).  But a family friend who works there discovered our presence, knew the situation, and rushed us through.  We were in and out in less than an hour.   It was quite the ordeal for a simple five minute procedure.  So now we need to have something more efficient in place going forward.
The upside for Bernadette was that she had 10 chicken nuggets at McDonald’s and ATE THEM ALL!!!!  For someone with no appetite that was amazing.


By Patricia Kwitkoski
How was your day Bernadette? What do you think about this cold weather? Time to pull out the scarfs and mittens for going outside. Hope you are enjoying the sunshine. Love & prayers, Patricia xo

By Love from Bernadette from Moose Jaw Saskatchewan
Hi Bernadette! I hope you know that you are a special little girl and I am sending you lots of love and prayers. Thinking of you and your whole family every day.

Hello Bernadette, I am so glad that you are back home and able to sleep in your own comfy bed. It was great to see your mom & dad and Zoe in church tonight. Your little sister is a chubby little baby and so cute! I pray for you every day and so does my daughter Julia with her 10 month old baby Alessia. Have a fun day tomorrow. Love, Patricia

By Bob Williston
hello Bernadette. Thinking of you today, sending a prayer to God for you to get stronger and healthier, if it be His will. Love you lots and sending all kinds of loving thoughts your way!
Uncle Bob

By Laureen, Rachel & JJ Scherr
Hi Bernadette, it must feel so good to get home and have all your stuff around you and be with your family. Hospital’s are not fun places! Your Uncle Ron always just wanted to be home when he didn’t feel well. We are glad to hear that you are feeling better and can even enjoy McDonalds. We are praying for you every day. JJ wanted you to know that God is with you!

By mary scherr
HI Bernadette. Its good that you’re at home again. Those chicken nuggets sure sounded yummy. I love them too. Grandpa and I will be out to visit you soon.

By Margaret Paskevich
I remember you as a baby at Our Lady of the Lake. I know your family. I pray for you every day and ask the Blessed Mother to hold you in her arms if you are feeling pain. I am delighted that you are home again. God Bless you and your family

By Virginia Pukas
Hi Bernadette. Hope you are feeling good today. Here is a joke to cheer you up. What do elves learn in school? The elf-abet of course!! Haha. Love you. Virginia

By Beatrice Weigel
Hi Bernadette,
I’m so happy to hear you are back home. It is so cold here today, we got snow last night, now the ground is all white.
Hope you have a great day.
Maybe Memere and Pepere will be over for a visit.
Talk to you again soon.
Love from your all your cousins in Saskatchewan.

By Venee Gunn

I don’t know Bernadette! It is a toss up between the chicken nuggets and the hot apple pie! So so happy to hear you are home ! Love to you from the whole Gunn family. Praying for you to have super day today. xxoo

By Love and prayers Shirley Cousineau, Ottawa

So happy to hear you are home, we are praying for you and your family . My two girls loved dancing also. They are grown up and still have their ballet slippers. Thank you Johanna for the site, it saves us bugging your Grandma .

By Sister Marilyn Kelly, (Ottawa, ON)

Hi Bernadette! I only know you through the beautiful things your Aunt Jolene has said about you…and the sweet picture of you that is on my IPad. Everyday I ask Jesus to remind you of how much He loves you…and that He is always with you especially when you are sick. I hope you will talk to Him everyday too! God bless you Bernadette …With love and prayer each day.

By Kathy Hoven

You are in my prayers! You don’t me but I know your Uncle Warren and Auntie Jolene. I went to Bible School with them in Radway, Alberta. I live in Sylvan Lake, Alberta. Remember God Loves You so much and he is beside you as you undergo every medical procedure. Being in a hospital can be quite scary at times. I will keep you and your whole family in my prayers. Praying for a miracle!

By m rath

Great glad you are home. If I eat at McDonalds I also have chicken nuggets with sweet and sour dip. Love cousin Marie

By Joanne anhel

So happy to hear that you’re home with your wonderful family AND eating chicken nuggets!! They are the best. Yum, Yum.

By Jean Allen
Bernadette, you don’t know me but I knew you when you were a baby. Vancouver Island is on your side!! So happy you and your family are at home now.
Johanna, bless you for doing this site. It is truly a wonderful ministry and we all pray for you and the rest of the family as well.
Peace be with you all – and Vinnie says, “God Bless!!”

By Jolene Scherr

Hi Bernadette, You must be SO glad to be back home. I bet your bed is a lot more comfortable. 😉 All our love to you <><

By Virginia Pukas

Chicken nuggets are the best. Fries too? Yum. Glad you are home, Bernadette. I’m sending you a prayer hug right now.

By Bob Williston

Hey Bernadette, so glad to hear you are home now. I wish we could come and see you, I mean I wish we could blink twice and poof, we would be standing in front of you….maybe bouncing on the trampoline! Aunty Joan and I pray for you every day. We love you and pray that Jesus will send his Spirit to bring you strength and peace. Love to your whole family…Uncld Bob

By candice anhel

Hooray for Bernadette. She is so awesome. We love her so much and are praying so hard. Chicken nuggets are our favorite too!!!

Glad you all made it home safe & sound! Nice to hear that Bernadette is feeling a little better. Amber & Sienna have been making all sorts of crafts for her to help cheer her up.

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