Today was ballet class!


Ballerina painting

Bernadette’s Self-Portrait

BallerinaToday is Wednesday and Bernadette was excited about going to ballet for the first time since thee first time back on October 1st.   Unfortunately as the time drew near to get ready to go, Bernadette had absolutely no energy and decided maybe she should stay home until next week.  Then right at 4:00pm when the class was starting she changed her mind and decided to go after all.  ARG.  But she now understands she has to wait another week.
She does have one thing to look forward to though.  Johanna bought the movie “How to Train Your Dragon 2” and they’re going to watch it tonight.  Last night she enjoyed watching “Frozen” with big brother Paul.  Pretty much just the two of them.  Paul said she was a constant commentary through the whole thing.

Unfortunately after a great day yesterday, she started experiencing some sharp pain in the liver area in the evening and did NOT like the morphine we gave her.  She’s decided she’d rather be in pain than take morphine.

This afternoon we had a visit from a nurse from Vernon who is going to help us meet Bernadette’s needs.  Her name is Katie and she’s extremely nice.   Marc was very relieved that we’ve made contact and that he has a sense of what they’ll help with.  As always, we’re just a phone call away from Canuck Place for questions, concerns, or need immediate help.


By Ruth Guimond
Nice to hear about Bernadette and hope she’ll be able to go to ballet class soon. Hope she is eating real good food.
Love Ruth

By Rose Kalin — last edited

Hello Bernadette, My name is Rose Kalin. My husband Rodney and I live on a farm in Armstrong. We have 2 Jersey cows and a 6 month old calf named Konni. We also have 2 goats, a dog, 2 cats, 5 kittens, a horse, a rooster named Bertram and 20 laying hens. All of our animals have names except the 20 hens. We have 6 children and you may have met some of them. Maria, Austen and Kathleen are friends with your brothers Paul and Joseph. Then we have Elizabeth-16, Julia-13 and Noah-9. We are praying for you.


Good morning Bernadette. Hope you have a good day today. Here is your joke for today…….ready?…………… Why was 6 afraid of 7?……….. Because. 7 8 9. Get it?????? Hahahaha. Sending you a prayer hug. Love Virginia

By Fr. Albert Sterzer C.Ss.R.

Hello Patti, Marc and family. Fr. Mark Miller informed us of this web page. I thank you for this way of keeping in touch. I’ve showed it to others in our parish office, and they will be joining me and others in continuing to offer prayers for Bernadette’s healing.

By Kay Turner
Sending love and prayers to Bernadette and all your family.
Had the pleasure of meeting some of you when visiting Wayne and Dawn.

By Sarah Lenarduzzi
Hello Dear friends,
We are in Edmonton now and although we are in a chilly far off land, you are in our warm hearts and loving prayers. We appreciated your kindness and friendship through the Church when we were in Salmon Arm and we stand by you in spirit and our shared loved of Christ in this difficult time. Lots love to you always. Love, Sarah, Henry and Simone.

By Kathy Andreas

Hi Bernadette and family. We have been praying for you in our family and at my bible study group. I really liked the “How to TrainYour Dragon” movies too. 🐉 we think of you often and are glad you are back home. Love Jerry and Kathy. P S Jerry has a beard now.

By Virginia Pukas

Good morning Bernadette. I hope you have a good day. You can still dance at home and make beautiful music with your new moves. Here is your joke for the day to make you smile. Why are ghosts such poor liars? Because you can see right through them!!!! Hahahaha!!! Sending you a prayer hug. Virginia

By Joan Williston
Hi Bernadette! I had a note written b4 supper but it disappeared b4 I hit post so don’t know if you got it so here goes again! I have a candle that lights an image of the sacred heart of Jesus so I keep it lit n pray for you constantly! I have great memories of reading to you n Catherine, decorating rice krispie cakes and of course, jumping on the trampoline!!!!!
I hope to see you sometime and if you are too weak to jump, I’ll hold you and jump very carefully! !!!
Love and prayers for you and ALL your family. Joan

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