Company and cake


Tonight I was playing cards with Bernadette (she is a wicked Uno player in case anyone wants to play with her) and she came out with the comment, “Today was a really good day!”

She spent the day in eager anticipation of a visit from her friends Amber and Sienna who FINALLY arrived around 4:15pm and got to stay for an hour and a half.  She enjoyed teaching Sienna how to play Uno and didn’t mind one bit when Sienna won.

She also discovered a trick that brightened her day a little.  During her visit she was in enough pain to actually ask for some morphine but asked if I could hide it in something.  So we put it in a little glass of Chocolate PediaSure.  She could still taste it a little but it was more tolerable.  Unfortunately the morphine took too long to work and she stayed in pain for quite some time.  Didn’t deter her from enjoying her friends though.  She just confided in me later while playing cards that “that medicine just doesn’t work!”.

CheesecakeIt worked better than Bernadette thinks though because within an hour (and a short nap) she was feeling much better and enjoyed Meme’s whipped potatoes for supper.  She even had enough energy and mobility to help Johanna make a cherry cheese cake and lick the beaters.

Tomorrow is a big day for her though.  Saturday is ‘dressing change day’.  Wish us luck.  She HATES having her dressing over her central line changed.  Last week at Canuck Place it took the nurse an hour just to get the dressing off.  An hour!  Come to think of it, wish me luck too!!!!

And Virginia…..  everyone here loves your ‘joke of the day’.  Thank you.  It is true – laughter is the best medicine.


By Sylvie Dansereau
Goodnight Bernadette! Sleep well, and hope to see you tomorrow.
Love Auntie Sylvie xoxo

By m rath
Hello Bernadette
The sun was shining all day and you kept popping into my head. I have a Rose budding on the bush in our garden. This bud I take as a flower from heaven for you, because Roses do not bloom at this time of the year. I asked God to warm your heart and give you a good day. May you have a good sleep.
Love your cousin Marie

By Susan and Brian Dobson

Hi Bernadette, I think about you and pray for all the time. I am glad you are having fun with your friends! I know your family can be fun too! Keep smiling sweetheart, and please say hi to Katherine and Johanna. I hope that maybe I will be able to see some of you at Church tomorrow. Love Always, Susan D.

By — last edited
Good morning everyone,
Glad to hear you had a good day yesterday. Marc says you are wearing the new PJs, they must be very cozy.
Hopefully I’ll be able to see you today as I am leaving tomorrow for Quebec City. Let me know when is a good time. I like UNO too!
Lots of love from Auntie Sylvie xoxo

By Virginia Pukas

Good morning Bernadette. I’m sure it really is crappy to have your dressing changed. But the faster it gets done, the faster it is over and… don’t have to do it again for another whole week. Do you think I could come over one day and you could teach me uno? I have a deck of uno cards but I don’t know how to play! Ok….here is your joke of the day…… What did the triceretop sit on? …………. ready?????………… its tricere- bottom….. Hahahahaha!!! That’s a real knee slapper!!!!!!! Sending you two prayer hugs today because of your dressing change. xo. Virginia

By Bob Williston

Dear Bernadette, I wanted to add to Joans message. We are praying for you from Saskatchewan which is the closest to heaven that you can get while still being on the earth. Guess how I know this? Well our temperatures here have been minus 16 to minus 25 lately. That must mean we are as far away from the warmer place as you can get! Love uncle bob

By Joan Williston
Hi Bernadette. We have your special candle lit. Thoughts and prayers for you light up our day. Big hugs to you and for the rest of your lovely family.
Love Joan & Bob

By Patricia Kwitkoski
Hi Bernadette, That’s great that you had a fun day with your friends. Here are a couple of jokes for you.
Why are gold fish red? The water turns them rusty! 🙂
Knock, Knock.
Who’s there?
Tarzan who?
Tarzan the monkey man swinging from a rubber band! Let me know if you already know these. Hope all goes well with your dressing change tomorrow. Love & prayers, Patricia

By Ryan Kurz — last edited
Hi Bernadette, Amber & Sienna were so glad to finally get to spend some time with you today (and Catherine!). Sienna has been eagerly waiting days to watch you unpack her gift bag and unwrap all the little presents she wrapped herself. She had fun playing cards with you today. I think Uno will be the next big game in our household! Thanks for a fun evening and wishing you your best dressing change yet!
Okay, we need to share a joke as well so here it goes… what time do Astronauts eat? … at launch time!

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