Dressing change and Cheese Cake


At Bernadette’s last dressing change the nurse took an hour just to get the dressing off and at one point she said, “Oh how I wish this ‘Remove’ (adhesive remover) came in a bottle.”  She only had small packages of little pads with the Remove on them.  It was an extremely slow process with many many tears.

This week I just so happen to be at our local pharmacy in Sorrento and low and behold what did I find?  A bottle of “Remove”!!!  I didn’t hesitate to buy it even though I had over 50 packages of “Remove” at home.

CheesecakeTonight Bernadette is happy to report that her dressing change went off without any hitches or tears!!!!  It was amazing.   I just poured the “Remove” on the dressing and let it soak in for half an hour while we all watched “How to Train Your Dragon 2”.  Then I was able to literally peal it off without any discomfort.  It was totally amazing.   Bernadette was much relieved that it didn’t hurt except a tiny bit.
Unfortunately Bernadette had her roughest day since she’s been home.  She was in a lot of pain and no mobility at all.  But it ended on a high note.  She enjoyed the family movie, was able to thoroughly enjoy TWO pieces of the cheese cake she helped Johanna make last night, and now she won’t spend the next week dreading her next dressing change.    Finding that bottle of Remove was a great blessing!  God is good!


By Virginia Pukas

Good morning Bernadette. I hope that today will be a good day. Is it dance day today? I hope you will be able to float like a butterfly. Here is your joke for the day……ready?….. Why do bees have sticky hair? Because they use honeycombs. Hahahahaha. That’s a good one!! Sending you a prayer hug. With love, Virginia.


Sending you big hugs Bernadette. We love you very much and are thinking about you all.

xoxo Auntie Monique, Jeffery, Simon, Maria and James

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Hi Bernadette,
This is a great way to send our prayers and best wishes to you! Hoping everyday is better than the last! God love you so much!
friend of your Mom’s Terry 🙂

By Christine Macdonald
Hi Bernadette, you don’t know me but your mom and I have been writing to each other for a lot of years and she has told me all about you.
I am a children’s nurse and know how brave you are – dressing changes are really tough😬 sending love and prayers from Scotland😘 Christine x

By Michelle Spindor

Hi Bernadette, We all pray for you every day and hope you are feeling better. Say Hi to you family for us.

Love, Cousin Michelle, Don, Lisa, Jason, Mike, Adam, Jenny, Georgia and Jackson

By Virginia Pukas — last edited

Hi Bernadette. Hope you are having a good day today. Here is your joke for the day…….ready?……. A group of tomatoes went out for a walk,. The littlest tomatoe started to lag behind. The biggest tomatoe went back to the little tomatoe and stomped on it. ” Ketchup” it said. I know, I know, its a groaner!……….but it still made you smile! Sending you a prayer hug. Virginia

By Lacey kerr

Hi Bernadette, I was sad to hear you weren’t feeling well. 😪 my family has been praying for you at our rosaries. I had lots of fun with you and Katherine 😝 and I can’t wait to see you again. I hope you feel better really really soon.💌💍💎❤️💜💚💜💙💕💄!👣💭💚💎!! Love Lacey

By Marilyn Pouliot

Hope you feel better soon and you’re better to wear your new TUTU I saw from Auntie Sylvie and Uncle Carl in Australia .

By Lots of love and prayers from your new ,old friends..Rene and Jean — last edited
Dear Bernadette,
A long , long time ago ,before you were even born, your mom and dad lived in a city with a very funny name….MOOSE JAW. Your big brothers would play with my Eric , Bobby and Daniel at your Uncle Bob and Aunty Joan’s house.I was sad when your family leftMoose Jaw they were so nice and I knew they loved Jesus very much. I am happy to connect with your family again it was so good to see the pictures of you and your beautiful sisters.
I am sending you a very special book in the mail.I always read it to children when I teach school.Its about Jesus and how much He loves children.I also am sending a book that my grade one students wrote called The Things I Know About Jesus..I hope you will like them Watch for the mailman in the next few days! Another special surprise is coming too….but no more clues!

By Venee Gunn

Blessings on your day lovely family!! So happy to hear God is in our pharmacies!! Enjoy your Sunday Bernadette, tickles and love from Glen Eden – the whole Gunn Family. xxxxooooo

By Virginia Pukas

Yaaaaaaaay. Hurrah! I’m glad for you everything went well. Now if we can just make today a better day for you……..here’s your joke of the day……. Why are teddy bears never hungry? ready…….it’s a groaner………..because they’re always stuffed !!!!!!!!! Hahahaha. Love you. Sending you a prayer hug. Virginia.

By Joan Williston
Hi Bernadette, isn’t your mom AMAZING!!!! She was at the right place at the right time to find a bottle of REMOVE! I’m so glad for you! My very good friend, Jean Landry from Moose Jaw is putting together a package for your family so watch in the mail!!! Hugs to every one in your family, especially YOU!

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