Morphing into a teenager!


In the last three days Bernadette has morphed into a teenager.  Anyone with a teenager, or been a teenager, can probably relate.  Just let your imagination go just a little and you’ll get a fairly accurate picture.  No offense to teens in general or the one living in our house.  Since Saturday’s bout of intense pain she’s been grumpy, irritable, sleeps until noon, lays around all day doing nothing, and doesn’t go to bed before the AM.  Sound familiar?  ha ha   No seriously, that’s what she’s been doing.  Yesterday she quit twice while we were playing Uno because she was just too tired.  The only attribute that isn’t like a teen is her appetite which was nil yesterday until the evening when Marc enticed her with a couple mini marshmallows and then Mrs. Anhel (God bless her!) came bye with a package of Chicken Nuggets from McDonalds.  She quietly ate three.  Yah!!!!!!!  Thank you Candice, Blaine and family!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And very much like a teenager, the highlight of her day, besides the chicken nuggets, was a quick trip over to friends Amber and Sienna’s for a short visit.  She’d confided in her daddy that she was bored and he quickly got her dressed and out of the house to go visit friends for a little while.  The folks at Canuck Place suggested some fresh air and movement could stimulate the appetite.  It worked.

Today we’re hoping she’ll feel up to going out in her Meme and Pepe’s camper for a little while.  And tomorrow is ballet class.  She’s waiting to go to ballet again.  I’m hoping and praying she has the energy to attend at least one more time, but we’ll see tomorrow.   She was given a fancy tutu which she’s anxious to try.  If she does we’ll be sure to get pictures, Sylvie.  🙂


By Sylvie Dansereau
Hi Bernadette,
Hope you had a good day! I love my rock house!
Love and prayers,
Auntie Sylvie xoxo

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette. Is today dancing day? I really really hope you can go so you can dance like a ballerina fairy. I hope today is a good day. Here is your joke of the day……….ready?…………..what do you call a pig who knows karate? A porc chop! Hahahahaha. Sending you a prayer hug. Virginia

By Heidi Baudoin
Hello Bernadette,
I am your aunt Jolene’s sister-in-law from way down in South Louisiana where the gators grow big and we eat foods like crawfish (tiny lobsters) and gumbo (cross between soup and stew with chicken, sausage, and okra). Jolene’s brother, Jody, and I have six boys and two girls. My two girls love to dance around our house in princess dresses. I read that you love to dance, too! Bethany and my daughter Mary are close in age and have been pen pals for years. They saw each other only once when they were not even two years old but have been friends ever since. I know Bethany and her sisters, Emily and Hayley, must love to play with you. We will be praying for you to have a great day today! I’ll tell my guardian angel to fly over and give you a big hug from us! Blessings and peace, Heidi

By Cheryl Zimmer
Dear Bernadette, Even thought I have never met you and can see that you are a beautiful little girl and that everyone loves you dearly. I love the picture of you in your flowered dress near a whole bunch of pretty flowers. I have known your mom for about a 100 years and that makes me about 100 years old and so is your mom close to 100 years old. Haha. You and I have something in common, I too like Chicken Nuggets. I’d sure love to see a picture of you ballet dancing in your new tutu. Our family is praying for you and I have asked my friends to pray for you too. May Jesus bless you lots and lots. He loves you so much and so do I. Please say hi to your mom and dad for me. Thanks sweetheart.

By Margaret Paskevich
God Bless you and your family today and always. Hug Meme for me Bernadette. You are in my prayers daily. I am glad that you have good friends to visit. I am sure they enjoy your company. Margaret Paskevich

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Hope Bernadette has a better day! Love to you all..

By Ryan Kurz
Bernadette, Amber & Sienna were so glad you popped by for a visit! Come anytime you wish! They have so many things you can play with (arts, crafts, toys, you name it!). They were so excited that I think they were too energetic. They promised me that next time they would try to hold in their excitement just a bit so that they don’t overwhelm you!
We were glad to came for a quick visit. Thanks for bringing the treats!
Ryan & the girls…

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