A very good day.


I’m happy to report that Bernadette had a very good day today.  Probably the best since we returned home.  She did her usual sleep in until noon but then something new happened.  While she was still not ready to get up, a wonderful couple, Deloy and Linda came and prayed with us and prayed over her.  She seemed very nervous and scared of two more new faces but in the end it went just fine.

It wasn’t long after they left that she was up and hungry and eating.  Usually it’s a good two to three hours after getting up that she decides to nibble on something.  Coincidence?  I think not!  🙂  After that she had energy and ate well all day.   She even sat at the table to eat some lunch and play a round of Uno with me, something she hasn’t done since we came home from the hospital.  She still spent most of her time on the couch, but she was sitting up, chatting up a storm, smiling, and playing.

My cousin Bruce encouraged us to treasure every day and look for the silver linings.  We call it our “Bruce’s Silver Lining Search” and meeting Deloy and Linda, spending time in fellowship and prayer, and listening to their encouraging words was definitely our blessing and treasure for today.

Tonight was our second dressing change and I’m sad to report that it didn’t go nearly as easily as last week.  It was definitely a different type of dressing that didn’t soak up the Remove.  BUT there were still no tears.  Bernadette just counted to five and then took a break.  It took almost two hours to do the dressing change but we got it done.  Marc and I are a little worried that it might be starting to get infected, but we’re keeping a close eye on it.   Having it infected is the last thing any of us need right now.  oy! oy! oy!

Again Marc and I thank you all for your prayers.  We are and always will be eternally grateful.  God bless you all!


By anhel kids
Hi Bernadette,
We just wanted to tell you it was fun seeing you at Mass yesterday. Maybe we can play next time. Did you see all those toddlers there? Wow, there was a lot of them yesterday. Well, talk to you later!

By Virginia Pukas — last edited
Good morning Bernadette. I hope today is a very good day for you. Is it snowing at your house? It was snowing at my house but it is raining now. Today I am helping the kids make advent wreaths. Do you have an advent wreath at home. We used to have an advent calandar which was a Jesse tree. We made it out of felt and every day in advent my little girl would snap a decoration onto the tree. On Christmas morning she got to put baby Jesus in his manger. It was fun counting the days like that. You will have to ask your mom and dad what a Jesse tree is. Here is your joke of the day. Ready?…….. What do you call cheese that doesn’t belong to you?……… Ready?…… It’s another groaner….. nacho cheese. Ahahahaha. It’s a good one!!!!! Sending you a prayer hug with love. Virginia

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Hi Bernadette. Our daughter is home from a wedding in Mexico. She told us that she went to a beautiful Church in Puerta Vallarta and prayed for you and Merle there. Just think, prayers for you, all over the world! xoxo

By Bernie Wock
Thinking of you every day and sending lots of love and prayers. You are such a brave, precious girl.

By Virginia Pukas
Hi Bernadette. I’m glad you had a good day yesterday. That darn dressing…we will just have to get more specific in our prayers. Here is your joke for today……..ready?……..where do sheep go to get their wool cut……..ready? It’s a groaner……….at the baaaabar shop! Hahahaha. Sending you a prayer hug. With love, Virginia

By Sylvie Dansereau
Hooray for Bernadette!,
Love and prayers from Auntie Sylvie xo and Uncle Carl is home from Thailand.
I’m going to see your brother Joseph on Wednesday! XO

By Ryan Kurz
Amber & Sienna are so happy to hear you had a good day Bernadette! They pray for you each and every night as they get ready for bed. All our love, the Kurz’s

By Dorothy Hruby
So happy you have been having good days. You are in my prayers, Bernadette. I love this website.

By Gaye Adams
Patti and Marc – Your courage and patience is an inspiration. Just wanted to let you know that I am sending love to you and your family, and praying for Bernadette every day.

By Fr. David Purcell
Today is the Feast of Christ the King Sunday. As I celebrate this feast day, I will pray that all your patience and care and prayer will help protect against any infection and I pray for peace that will sooth any worries that you carry.
Fr. David Purcell C.Ss.R.

By Bob Williston
Thanks for the update. Great to hear the power of prayer helped. We light a candle every day for you guys.mlots of love,
bob and joan

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