Play date with Wilma!


Happy to report today that Bernadette had another great day!  She didn’t get up until noon, but started being alert and active almost right away instead of waiting three hours.  She ate and then said she was up to go visit her friend Wilma.  So we called Wilma but she wasn’t home.  We left a message.  Later her Meme and Pepe (Grandma and Grandpa) popped in for a visit.  While they were here Wilma called that she was home and ready for a play date.  I swear I haven’t seen Bernadette move that fast in two months.  She was dressed and out the door with only one little ‘just give me a minute to rest’ moment.   Her and Catherine stayed for an hour and a half and when Marc picked them up they weren’t ready to leave.  What an amazing afternoon.  Now, there is one thing you need to know.  Wilma is a retired five-year-old.  Ha ha  Actually she started having Catherine visit her when Catherine was only three and when Bernadette turned three she joined Catherine for play dates at Wilma’s too.  They literally live for these play dates.

Tomorrow or the next day, the plan is for Bernadette to go to her Meme’s to make a special box as an art project.  That’s another thing she lives for, doing art and painting with her Meme.   That should be exciting.

It’s amazing how much brighter the sun shines when your little ones are feeling well and acting like their old usual selves.  Deep sigh of gratitude.

I also discovered something new.   Instead of asking Bernadette if she’s hungry (the answer is always NO) I’ve been making her favorite foods and just putting them down in front of her.  Low and behold, guess who’s eating again!   I admit, she’s not up to veggies yet but she’s eating fruit again and other things she loves AND it’s NOT all sugar.  Yah!    Two wonderful people have offered us a juicer so we’re going to try that next.  We’re very much into experimenting these days.   Another deep sigh of gratitude.


By Virginia Pukas — last edited
Good morning Bernadette. I am glad you had a wonderful day yesterday. I hope today will be another good day for you. I am glad you will be doing crafts with your meme. I love doing crafts too. Here is your joke for today. Ready? Ok………. What do ghosts eat?……………… Spook-ghetti of course. Have a great day, Bernadette. Sending you a prayer hug. Virginia

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