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Sorry to say that after yesterday’s huge high, today Bernadette reached a new low.  Woke up sick this morning at 5:30am in severe pain in her tummy.  After throwing up all over her bed she felt better for a little while.  Then the rest of the morning she fought throwing up again, fought it with all her might.  Needless to say the rest of her day so far has been lousy.  Only now at around 4:15pm did she finally fall asleep.

By Venee Gunn
Love and many prayers of relief for all of you this morning! Bernadette, I am praying extra hard that today will be bright and sunny for you – each snowflake that falls today is for YOU!!

By Fr. David Purcell
I am so sorry that Bernadette is suffering so much, and I am sure all of you are suffering right along with her.
Fr. David Purcell

By Eva Dvorak
The Dvorak family continues to pray for your entire family. I will say an extra decade for her tonight!

By Deloy Routley
So…so sorry to hear the change. This gives us additional incentive to power down with additional prayer for Bernadette.

Prayer too will be extended to both you Marc and Pattie… You are a courageous and life giving couple. God’s presence and his love, the grace of our Lord Jesus and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit was so…very present when praying with you this past weekend.

We simply ask that God Our Father continue to be with you and your entire family.

Deloy and Linda

By Gaye Adams
I’m sorry Patti. My mothers heart breaks for you. I admire your strength, and continue to pray for God to sustain through this very, very difficult time.

By Jolene Scherr
Sorry to hear this :-/ We’re praying for you all….

By Ryan Kurz
Patti, we wish you well and pray continually for the good days, but more importantly pray for comfort and endurance during the not-so-good days. Stay strong. Amber & Sienna send you e-hugs Bernadette!

Oh Bernadette, I am so sorry to hear you have been throwing up! I pray that you will wake from your rest no longer feeling nauseous. God Bless you honey!

By Susan and Brian Dobson
So sorry to hear that, Patti. I hope that the Doctor can give her something to fight the nausea. Love and prayers, xoxo

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