Three hours to success


I’m happy to report that Bernadette is feeling a little better today.  Not as good as the weekend but a lot better than yesterday.  She didn’t sleep well last night so I’m really hoping she makes up for it tonight.   She still seems to be in a fair bit of pain but tries not to complain because she doesn’t want to take anything for it.

We had to do a early dressing change because the last one got goopy pretty fast.  This time it took 3 hours but again no tears – not from Bernadette anyway. 🙂    Some of that time was just cleaning the area once the dressing was off.   At one point I had to go upstairs to get a missing supply and Bernadette’s little voice followed me, “Don’t hurry back!”   Even sick she still has a sense of humor.  Thankfully, if it went well we won’t have to do another one until next Wednesday.  We’re trying to get our hands on the same dressings they use at Canuck Place that came off so easily.

We’re all really hoping tomorrow is a better day.  Life gets gloomy when our ray of sunshine is blocked by clouds of pain and suffering.  Today’s silver lining:  sorry Bruce, I’m still working on that one.  How about the yummy pizza for dinner, provided by a very nice couple from our parish.  Johanna said it was the best pizza she’d ever tasted.  Tomorrow’s is easier.  It’s American Thanksgiving and Marc has a four day weekend.  That will be really really nice.


By Kathy Hoven
Thinking of Bernadette and her family today. I pray that God has surrounded your family with his Love and Mercy. May His presence comfort you.

By Venee Gunn
Thinking of Bernadette today with twinkles and smiles of her coy little sense of humour. Love and hugs from Gleneden! xxxooo

By Kay Turner
Hi folks,
Jut wondering if your Palliative care nurse can’t make arrangements for you to get the correct dressings.
I found them very helpful in Saskatoon. Hugs to all

By Beatrice Weigel
So happy to hear that Bernadette had a better day. I came upon a poem that I would like to share, and hope you will enjoy.
God’s Rainbow- Rainbows appear after mighty storms, when things look their very worst. Just when the skies are darkest grey, look for the rainbow first. The rainbow is a sign of God’s promise, that He will guide us through any storm. That He will see us through all our troubles, no matter what their form. When you feel battered by life’s storm, and you are filled with doubt and dismay; just remember God’s rainbow is coming…… It’s only a prayer away.
Thinking and praying for you all. Love Beatrice

By Joan
Wrapping all of you in blankets of prayer, thoughts and love.

By Bob Williston
Giving thanks for having your family in our lives. Just lit the candld and prayed.
love, bob

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