An unwelcome trip to town.


Bernadette had a great night last night, but not of sleep!  She had a nap in the evening and around 9:00pm decided maybe it was time for bed.  So to bed she went.  She thought she’d sleep but instead she was awake all night.  She ate a bagel, drank a couple PediaSures and watched “Littlest Pet Shop” literally all night.  And she got some exercise, constantly running to the bathroom.  She was in great shape with a strong voice and a sparkle in her eye.  Then this morning she was exhausted and ready for a nap.  She slept for almost two hours while I was at the dentist.  But then the doctor from Canuck Place called and decided it might be a good idea for her to have some blood work done and then a trip to her family doctor, Dr. Weicker, all on account of her fever yesterday.  Getting her to town and back was a challenge cause all she wanted to do was sleep.

Once we got her back home we thought she’d zonk out but she hasn’t.  She’s snacking and watching “Littlest Pet Shop”.  We’re really hoping that she’ll sleep tonight.  Really really hoping.

On a bit of a high note, the exit site of her central line still looks great.  Looks like she just had a dressing change!  yah.  With the blood work today we don’t have to do anything for her central line again until Monday.  The weekend off!  She’ll be very happy about that.  Mommy too.   Now we’re just hoping that the blood work comes back okay.

Wish us luck tonight.  Oy.   I got more sleep with a newborn in the house!


By Ryan Kurz
We will keep praying for rest, rest, test! For all of you!

By Venee Gunn
Praying that you all have a super sun filled day today and restful sleep tonight. Love and prayers from Gleneden!

By Sarah St. Pierre
I’m sorry you had to take an unexpected trip into town. Its great to hear that she was eating better. Good job Mom and Dad on the dressing change!

By Joan
Bernadette, remember to press the right button on your forehead at night, the SLEEP button!!!!!!

By Patricia Kwitkoski
I pray that “our Shepard” will help you in counting his sheep tonight to have a good sleep.
Love & prayers, Patricia

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