Another cloudy day


Even though it was sunny outside and cold, our indoors ray of sunshine had another cloudy, rough, and warm day.  After being up again all night, she slept the day away since about 5:30am while fighting a 101.3 fever jumping up to 103.7 fever for a little while.  But it eventually came down and she started to sleep peacefully.  We’re gearing up for an active night as it’s now 7:15pm and she’s still not up yet today.  My hope is that she sleeps the night away too and is in much better shape in the morning.  After two days of being up almost all day and all night, Bernadette needs this sleep.

The report back from yesterday’s blood work indicated that there was no sign of infection but her hemoglobin is down to 75, so the doctors are talking about a blood transfusion on Monday or Tuesday to give her a good pick-me-up.  Last time she had a blood transfusion the difference was like night and day.  By then she just might need a little IV as well to rehydrate her if she continues to sleep like this.  We’ll see.

Everyone’s prayers continue to be greatly greatly appreciated as Marc and I are beginning to run on fumes. Thank you “from the hearts of our bottoms”.  Sorry can’t remember off the top of my head what movie that quote comes from but it’s cute.


By Kay Turner
Keeping you all in my prayers.

By Sarah Lenarduzzi
We are praying for you everyday.

By Dianne Dash
Think of you so often , wishing little Bernadette, as well as Patti and Marc a good night sleep.
Thoughts and prayers,
Dianne Dash

By m rath
Patti and Marc. God is with you. This weekend we have the grandchildren and as we did our bedtime ritual, my thoughts went out to you. How you manage a daily report, parents of a new born and a very ill child, is beyond me. We pray harder with the daily reports, but please do not feel that you “have to” do a daily report. The doctor told me one day that if I accomplished one thing in a day, even if all I did was be a Mother, I had accomplished what was meant to be done that day. Lots of Love Marie

By Jean
May the Holy Spirit of peaceful sleep descend upon Bernadette, you and Marc. Arms outstretched for all of you!

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