Sun shining on 2847 Juniper Crescent!


Happy to report that Bernadette had a great evening/night last night.  She woke up around 9:30pm, after 16 hours of sleep, in a great mood.  She ate two bagels and struggled through her medicine.  I was able to brush out the five day’s worth of knots from her hair while she played Nintendo with Johanna.   Her temperature was normal again.

According to the night shift crew, Bernadette and Johanna played games until 2:00am when Johanna was sent to bed – and not by her father!  Then Marc and Bernadette watched a little of her show and played Mario Cart.  They went to bed at around 5:00am.   Surprisingly enough Bernadette was then up and able to come to Mass with us this morning.  The two of us snuck out right after Mass and left the rest to enjoy coffee and fellowship.  Now she’s watching “Littlest Pet Shop”, drinking PediaSure, and chatting up a storm.  So good to see the sunshine back in her eyes and voice.  Deep sigh of gratitude.    It’s amazing how quickly we adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Bernadette keeps scratching near the dressing of her central line and I just offered her some Benadryl and she said, “It’s not my cords that are itchy, it’s just in the middle.  It’s not bad at all.”  in a very chipper voice.  She’ll do anything not to have to take medicine.  It’s her new ‘public enemy #1’.

We’re very much hoping that Bernadette is over the worst of whatever it was that knocked her right off her feet, and wishing the improvement will continue.    One can always hope.


By Danielle O’Neill
God bless you all for many more good days to come, not just for Bernadette, but for the rest of you as well.

By Zita O’Neill
I have just caught up with a week of your lovely posts Patti. I am glad you finally got some sleep. I love what Bruce said. When I was in Australia in Sept I bought a bracelet on which is written; ‘every day holds the possibility of a miracle’. Each day I look for the miracle(s) of the day. With you all in thought and prayer!! 🙂

By Lawrence Beaton
Saint Ann’s Academy in Kamloops is remembering you. Each of our classes is praying you and family.

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Each good day is a blessing! Happy for you all!

By Ryan Kurz
Glad to hear things are much better today! Our sermon today was on hope!

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