Rite of Passage


Bernadette had a good day all in all yesterday.  She was up until 3:00am but she wasn’t fighting a fever or a headache, just the usual general feeling of discomfort all over.   She was up to trying some Raisin Bran which she hasn’t eaten in almost two months.  Ate three bowls!!!!  Yah.

To set the stage for this cute story:  last week I broke a tooth and went to the dentist.  The dentist discovered I had another tooth that had three cracks in it that needed immediate attention and the broken tooth could wait.  So on Friday morning I was at the dentist getting my cracked tooth fixed.  It broke during the repair which was okay as far as the dentist was concerned as it saved them extra work.  So I came home with one tooth fixed and one to go.  There was a fair bit of talk about cracked teeth.

In the wee hours of this morning I hear this little, “I think I broke my tooth!” come from the other side of the room.  I jumped off Catherine’s bed and went to see what she might be talking about.  She was all scared because, “my tooth is cracked”.  I took a look and turns out she has her first loose tooth, one of the tiny front ones on the bottom.   Where other children are all excited when they lose a tooth, Bernadette has been horrified at the prospect.  When I told her her tooth was loose her eyes grew large with fear.  “Then I’m not going to eat anything hard,” she said.   When Catherine’s tooth is even just the slightest bit loose she doesn’t leave it alone until it’s out.  Usually the same day or the next day.  I can just see Bernadette taking a couple weeks to let her tooth fall out.   What a difference in children, huh.

So amidst all Bernadette’s pain and suffering she still must undergo the rite of passage all young children face at her age, to sing that song, “All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth.”   Which is good as she’s received so many nice gifts already and her wish from the Wish Foundation is coming this week, that there really isn’t anything we can give her for Christmas that she won’t already have.  Not that we can give her new teeth directly, that is Nature’s department.  We’re just doing our best to cooperate with Nature.


By John Rabarts
Yay – nice to see it was a lovely day for Bernadette, and a wonderful “tooth” story too. Best wishes for another nice day for all today from way down under where we are enjoying a gloriously sunny day. Yesterday was the first day of summer for us, and we are not let down by the weather. John.

By Virginia Pukas
Yaay Bernadette. Loose teeth are my baliwack! Here is a poem about loose teeth.
I have a loose tooth. A wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.
I have a loose tooth, hanging by a thread.
So, I pulled my loose tooth, my wiggly, jiggly loose tooth.
I put it under my pillow and I went to bed.
But, someone took my loose tooth, my wiggly, jiggly, loose tooth.
And now I have a looney and a brand new tooth!

Bernadette, I have written you every day and have sent you a joke each day but as I am not very good at reading instructions (maybe because I’m old) I didn’t sign in each time I posted so you didn’t get them. So look for them because now I will be sure to sign in so you get them. Sending you a prayer hug (as I have every day). With love Virginia.

By Deloy Routley
Pattie and Marc: We are continually amazed at the intestinal fortitude and trust you demonstrate as we read each entry of your journal for Bernadette. Having spent time last weekend visiting your home and praying with you both and with Bernadette we know how much God Our Father is holding you up.
We heard from you how you home school your children…amazing in itself. What we are witnessing now is you and your family “home schooling” each of “us” as we read your journey as a family with your angel Bernadette. Each day we are reminded of your faith and resolve which in turn continues to strengthen ours.
Be assured we will continue to pray first and foremost for a miracle…and or…that Bernadette experience the eternal joy that we are all promised in heaven but she experience this same joy
now as an outward sign of God love for her.
Our prayers too will be that your entire family experience God’s love, the grace of Our Lord Jesus, and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit as you continue with you journey with Bernadette.

Deloy and Linda

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Best tell her about the ‘tooth fairy’….(if that is something the family does)….love and blessings, thoughts and prayers coming your way ….always! Love your postings Patti – written with humour, love and so many everyday things we need to remember to appreciate….thanks for helping us all understand the importance of God and family….xoxooxxo(

By Ryan Kurz
So happy to hear about the special wish gift that is arriving soon. This should light up her face! Send us pictures!

Amazing…we go through life’s passages in sickness and in health. We are all part of a much bigger plan! xoxo to all.

By Dorothy Hruby
Thank you so much for your journal entries. They are a delight, sometimes with a little sadness, sometimes a good laugh. You are an amazing family. Again, thank you and God Bless

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