Another play date.


After a long anticipated and rough week, Bernadette and Catherine returned to Wilma’s for another play date.  They stayed twice as long this time and came home pooped.  Bernadette was so tired she didn’t remember what she did except she had fun and ate ice cream.  Hopefully it means she’ll go to bed a little earlier tonight.  Last night it wasn’t until 4:00am and she rose at around 3:00pm.   Maybe this will be the beginning of returning to sleeping at night and being lively during the day.

Tomorrow Grandma Scherr comes for a visit.  I wish I could say Bernadette is looking forward to it but that wouldn’t be true.  She doesn’t look forward to much of anything these days, except maybe her wish from the Wish Foundation and even that she’s stopped asking about.

Wednesday morning we have a date at the hospital for a second blood transfusion.  Hoping and praying it will give her a pick-me-up so she can enjoy Joseph’s visit when he comes home in 10 days.  Yah!!!  Unfortunately it is going to be coupled with a dressing change.  Might as well do both at the same time instead of a four hour blood transfusion in the morning and then a two hour dressing change in the evening.   Somebody remind me to bring my computer and a couple movies, ok?  Thanks.


By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette. Today is transfusion day so you should feel much better afterwards. Here is your joke for the day……ready?…..what do you call an old snowman………ready………….. water. Haha thats a groaner . Tomorrow ill try to give you a knee slapper. Sending you a prayer hug. With love. Virginia

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette. I hope you had a good night. I am glad you have such a good time at your friend Wilma’s house. I hope that today will be a good one. Here is your joke for the day………ready……..what does a snail say when riding on the back of a tortoise. Ready?.. It’s a silly one…………. wheeeee! Hahahaha. It’s a good one, I think. Sending you a prayer hug. .Virginia

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