Expect the Unexpected


At Canuck Place we were given the advice to ‘expect the unexpected’.  At the time we didn’t quite know what that meant.  Today we got a lesson in Expect the Unexpected 101.   Bernadette was scheduled for a blood transfusion but when they took her temperature it was 102 degrees F.  During the night it got up to 103.5.    They couldn’t give her the transfusion as long as she had a fever.  Instead they took blood to see if they could find out what was going on.  Her white blood count was up to 17 indicating that she was fighting an infection somewhere in her body but they couldn’t figure out where.  In the afternoon Bernadette’s fever spiked to over 104 according to one of the nurses.  I kind of guessed it was going up instead of down when she started sweating and her hair was soaked.

Having been up all night, all Bernadette wanted to do was go home and sleep.  Later in the afternoon Marc ran into our pastor, Fr. George, by chance in the halls and Father came and gave Bernadette the Sacrament of the Sick.  Naturally she didn’t respond overly well but she eventually cooperated.   Even at her lowest she can still give poor Fr. George a rough time.   Some things just never change.  Sorry, Fr. George.

Right now Bernadette is still in the hospital in Salmon Arm.  Marc is staying with her tonight.  They’re going to watch her fever closely all night and hopefully if in the morning things have greatly improved due to the Anointing of the Sick (and the antibiotics) then they’ll do the transfusion in the morning.  She’ll also receive a second dose of IV antibiotics.   Between the Anointing, antibiotics, and transfusion, we should have her back in great shape for Joseph’s visit home for Christmas.  Until last week she was extremely excited about seeing big brother again.  Hopefully she’ll be feeling well enough that the excitement will return.  Step aside Santa, here comes Joseph!


By Patricia Kwitkoski
Patti, God has truly blessed you with an amazing way to cope….. humour, ” Step aside Santa “. I’m thinking that the writer in you is coming out as well.
My gosh, what a trying time for all of you. How wonderful that Fr. George just “happened” to be at the hospital. I don’t believe in coincidences , God is the director.
By the way you are not alone in the cracked tooth department. Found out yesterday I have one too. Definitely something no one needs, especially you.
I start my day and end it with prayers for strength, enduring love and faith for you and Marc & your family. For precious Bernadette I pray for as little pain as possible, happiness & peace. I truly hope she will get through this bump in the road quickly. Love, Patricia

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Hoping for improvement today! Love and prayers….

By Rob and Mary Anne
Hi Patti and Marc. I’m so happy that Joseph is able to come for Christmas. Hopefully Bernadette will be home soon. May God bless and keep you all strong.
Love and prayers,

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Patti and Bernadette. I am sorry to read that bernadette is in the hospital. I am sure that the anointing and the antibiotics will give Bernadette the double whammy she needs to fight the infection. Here is your joke of the day. I hope it will bring a little smile. OK…….ready……… Why won’t an elephant use a computer? …….ready………..because it is afraid of the mouse! Hahahaha. Maybe not a knee slapper but funny just the same. Sending you all a prayer hug. With love, Virginia.

By Cheryl Zimmer
Thank you Patti for letting us know how sweet little Bernadette is doing. We all continue to pray for her.
Hugs, Cheryl

I just read your post to Amber & Sienna. They are on their way to school right now but are thinking about and praying for a promising day of events today for little Bernadette.

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