There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home.


Happy to report that Bernadette clicked her running shoes together endless times and is now back home and resting almost comfortably in her almost own bed.  (A borrowed hospital bed – but it’s at home!)

She did manage to have the blood transfusion this afternoon and it went well.  We didn’t manage to do the dressing change while we were at the hospital though.  We ended up doing that tonight and it only took a whopping 3.5 hours.  Esh.    Ken, I can ‘hear’ you rolling your eyes all the way from here.   🙂  In my own defence, I gave the Remove a chance to soak before I started.  Unfortunately it did diddly squat.

There was one major silver lining today though.  A lovely lady, Lynn, dropped in for a quick visit.  She works at the hospital.  I was mentioning the dressing change and she went over to the oncology department and asked the ladies there as they’re experts in dressings.  They offered the suggestion of a pink bandage that has a silicone gel adhesive so we put one of those on tonight.  It comes off with the greatest of ease.  Now we just need to wait to see what they say at Canuck Place if it will be okay.  Another nurse friend doesn’t think it is quite enough on it’s own.  We may have to add another bandage over top but not too much that the dressing change can’t take only a few minutes.  We’ll find out more tomorrow.  In the meantime we’re just really thankful that we’re done another dressing change and have it over with.  It’s been stressing Bernadette out for two days.

We had another wonderful silver lining as well.  Bernadette’s attending nurse,  Val, was able to figure out a way for her to get her steroid Dex…. without having to take 9 tsps. of it in one sitting.  We still need to get 0.95ml of bitter medicine into her so we’ll see how that goes tomorrow.

Tomorrow there is nothing planned for Bernadette.  Hopefully she can rest and the blood transfusion can work its magic.  I have no intention of staying awake all night trying to conjure up something unexpected to expect.  I’m 100 percent positive tomorrow will take care of that all on it’s own.


By Patricia Kwitkoski
Keys that won’t open doors? Well another one is a…. DON KEY! And even another one…. a MON KEY!
Will send more jokes as they come up!

By Danielle O’Neill

God Bless you Patti. Is your Mum there to visit? I’m praying for you all every day.

By Cheryl Zimmer

Dear Bernadette, I have finally have a joke for you. What is a bear with no teeth called?……………………….A gummy bear.

By Susan and Brian Dobson

Glad you’re home! Prayers and good wishes to all….

By Kathy Andreas

Hi Dansereau s. been faithfully following Bernadette’s care page. know that you’re in our thoughts and prayers I showed Bernadette’s picture to my Bible study friends and they’re praying for all of you too.

By Tatiana Raineri

Dear Bernadette and family. We pray today is going smoothly and you are resting and we pray the blood transfusion works. We miss you all and Matteo misses specially Catherine and Mario Kart! We are always praying Jesus’ healing over you. Much love from all of us! Much love and blessings abundant!

By Virginia Pukas

Good morning Patti and Bernadette and all the Dansereau family. So glad you are all home. Hopefully that transfusion will give Bernadette 3 weeks of comfort and energy. Let’s pray for peace and quiet for a change. Here is your joke for the day………ready?…………what kind of key doesn’t unlock a door……….ready?…….its a groaner…………..a. turkey! Haha. Sending you all a prayer hug. With love.

By Ryan Kurz
Bernadette, “…she must be a strong girl” is what Sienna was just saying. We read so often of your dreaded dressing changes that we know it must be a really big deal for you! We think you are amazing in many ways but to be able to get through all those changes is just simply AWESOME! Keep it up Bernadette, you are a brave fighter! And hope to see you soon.

By Wilma
Thanks Patti-I had a senior moment as I have this link. Give gentle hugs to her for me. Thank you God for bringing her home.

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