Quiet day


Hi Everyone,
Just a quick update.  Nothing major to report.  Bernadette was indeed up all night last night but didn’t have the energy to do anything except watch some shows on Netflix.  Then she slept most of the morning and into the afternoon.  It’s now 9:30pm and she’s starting to really come awake and wants to do something but doesn’t have the energy.  She’s eating ‘breakfast’ though and maybe that will give her a pick-me-up to play cards or something a little later.   We’ll see.

You know things have been rough when you get excited just to see your child sitting up in a chair for more than five minutes.   Guess we’ll see what the night brings.

Thank goodness we’ve never taught the kids about Santa because with the way things are going this year we’d be totally busted.


By Virginia Pukas — last edited
Good morning Bernadette and Dansereau family. I hope today will be a good one. Here is your joke of the day………ready?…………… Did you hear the joke about the broken egg? Yes…it cracked me up !!!!! Hahahahaha. That’s a good one………… cracked me up……… Sending you a prayer hug. With love, Virginiae

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette and Dansereau family. Quiet night’s are good considering the alternative. I know Santa isn’t real in body but his spirit is alive and well. I hope he brought a little unexpected joy today. Here is your joke for the day. Ready?……….its another knee slapper……..ready??? What do you call a bear with no teeth? A gummy bear !!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. Sending you a prayer hug. With love. Virginia.

By Patricia Kwitkoski
Hi Patti,
At night, when it’s quiet & still, sometimes magical things happen. I hope this will be a special night for you & Bernadette even if in a small way. Love & prayers, Patricia

By Tatiana Raineri
Praying she will sleep well through the night and that gives you a chance to have a good night sleep as well. Blessings! <3

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