To sleep or not to sleep…. ah there is the rub.


Hi Everyone,

I’m happy to report today that Bernadette actually slept through the night last night!  Hard not to after two grueling days at the hospital.  Then she slept for a few hours this afternoon and it’s now obvious she’s gearing up for another night owl impersonation.    Actually today too she showed signs of life.  Marc and I had a meeting with Dr. Weicker in town and while we were gone, all on her own Bernadette actually came up to the main floor and joined everyone for a little while.   Emphasis on ‘a little while’.  Unfortunately she has so little energy to do anything that she bores easily.

I know I mentioned this last night, but we think we’ve solved the dressing change problem.  A lovely nurse, M.J. was here this afternoon and she’s an expert in central line care.  When I showed her the dressings that the nurses at the hospital gave me, she fully agreed that it should be enough for Bernadette’s needs.  If Bernadette was going out of the house more often and more active then maybe it might not work as well.  But in Bernadette’s current condition it will be just fine.   Ask me if I’m thrilled about this.  Because the dressings are a silicone gel they’ll peel off like Jello.   Three hour dressing changes should be a thing of the past.  yah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   And one less major stress to occupy Bernadette’s thoughts.  Maybe now we can get back to playing Uno.

Tonight I’m doing the night shift because Marc and Johanna have said that’s when she’s the most alert and happy.  For the last week they’ve done the night shifts and I only get the day shift when she’s sleeping or struggling to sleep.  I’m hoping maybe we can have some quality time together without the usual daily interruptions.  Guess we’ll see.

Thank you all again for all your prayer support.  Marc and I know without a doubt that we would never be able to get through all this without you all holding us up in prayer.  So thank you, thank you, thank you.  And may God bless you all abundantly, for God can never be outdone in the generosity department.


By Ruth Guimond
Hi Bernadette: Thinking of you and hope you get to play Uno lots. Praying for you and for
the rest of the family. I guess you are looking forward to seeing Joseph soon!!
Hugs, kisses and prayers and may God keep you always in his arms.
Love Aunt Ruth

By Fr. David Purcell
Marc, Patti, Johanna, and Bernadette,
I am truly impressed and inspired by your patient endurance. I can’t imagine the torture of those three hours for dressings to be changed and I am glad it is over for you all.

Fr. David Purcell

By Patricia Kwitkoski
I’m so glad that you had a good night sleep Bernadette. Hope you have a good time with your mom if you are awake tonight. Lots of love & prayers, Patricia

By Tatiana Raineri
Yaayy indeed for the dressing! Praying for the river of living waters that come from the very throne of the living God to heal our children completely! Blessings Bernadette and Dansereau family. We keep on praying for you! Much love!

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette and Dansereau family. Glad the transfusion gave Bernadette a litte boost. God bless all the angels that have given you such timely support. Ok here is your joke of the day. Ready?……. I think its a funny one……… What color sock do bears wear?? Ready….. They don’t wear socks.. They go bear feet!!!!! Hahahaha. thats a knee slapper!!!! Sending you a prayer hug, with love, Virginia

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Praying for a ‘good night’ whatever that looks like….time together at least….love and prayers always T 🙂

By Sarah Knutson
Thinking of you all and praying for your family every day. Hoping you get to have a great game of Uno by starlight!

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