Hello Everyone,

Happy to share with you that Bernadette has perked up the last couple days.  Her new sleeping schedule appears to be from about 4:00am to about 5:00pm.  The last two nights she’s done very well.  Sitting up in chairs to watch movies, moving from couch to chair to bed to couch all on her own.  She’s definitely getting restless and wanting to do more but she just doesn’t have the energy she’s like.

Last evening she sat at the table and watched us sort Lego (which was her original idea days ago) and tried playing with stensils and ink pads but her energy wasn’t there.  But Marc did say in the night they played Uno and read a book.  So there is definite signs of improvement from the last two weeks.

Our new night routine seems to be working for now.  Catherine is getting time with Bernadette from supper to bedtime. Johanna takes the midnight to 2:00am shift cause she’s usually up at that time anyways, Marc gets up from 2:00am to when she falls asleep around 4:00am to 5:00am and then he naps.  I get a little of everything, mostly focusing on the evenings.   But the glue that holds this schedule together is the help of my mother playing with Zoe a lot, teasing Catherine and Johanna, doing up the dishes ten times a day, and making meals when she can.  Unfortunately she is leaving to return to Ottawa on Friday.  Then on Friday Joseph returns for Christmas and we’ll develop a new rhythm for a few weeks.

If there is one thing we’re all learning these days it’s to live each day as it comes and realize that it truly is “the present” that God gives and where He dwells and where we can meet Him if we just pay attention.  Having a sick child certainly gives us the opportunity to slow down and pay attention.   The other thing Marc and I were talking about this morning is that when we pray and seek God’s face in all this we find it so clearly in the tremendous love and support from our two parish families in Salmon Arm and Blind Bay, as well as family, friends, and our neighbours in the community.  It has totally overwhelmed us how much we feel loved and supported through all this.  We really hear God’s voice crying out to us, “You are not alone.  I am with you and always will be, I love you and you will get through this knowing how much I love you.”   Our little thank you back to God and to His hands, feet, and heart in you all is just a drop in the ocean of His love and mercy to us.  But I hope you can still hear it.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!


By Virginia Pukas
Ps. ……. You are welcome……a small thing from each of us becomes a bouquet of love for you all. May the perfume of our love surround and sustain you. V

By Virginia Pukas
Good day to you all Dansereau family. I hope it will be a good day for all of you. Here is your joke of the day……..Catherine, this one is for you……..ready?………..Catherine: “Mom, can I have a canary for Christmas?” Mom: “no, Catherine, you can have turkey like everyone else! ” Hahahaha! There you go, Catherine. Hahahaha. Sending you all a prayer hug. With love, Virginia.

By Wilma
So glad to hear she has perked up a bit. Hopefully that will last after Joseph comes home.
Give Bernadette a gentle hug from me and lots of love and prayers.
God bless you all and give you strength.

By Susan and Brian Dobson — last edited
What beautiful words to share! God Bless and may Peace be with you….

A much older Bernadette has been reading and following your posts. Just had to respond to the latest one; so beautifully written and so comforting to those of us who feel so much anguish. There you are in the midst of such pain, offering us hope and glimpses of peace and acceptance. That post was powerful, spiritual and humbling all at once. Yes, sniff, sniff about covers it. You are all in my daily prayers. Bernadette Jordan

By michelle holmes
That was such a beautiful post, Patti. sniff! sniff! I am glad you all know and can feel just how truly loved you are….

By Ryan Kurz
That was a lovely post Patti! Thanks so much for letting us all know how much the support you get means to all of you. Believe me, your family is an inspiration to many of us and we will continue to wish your family all the best through this trying and tiring time, but also to experience the real joy during this Christmas time of the year.
All our love,
The Kurz’s

By Cheryl Zimmer
Love and hugs coming your way. We continue to pray for Bernadette and you all.

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