Holding steady


Nothing much new to report health wise for Miss Bernadette.  She seems to be holding steady.  Last night she had a nap at 1:45am and didn’t really wake up again until 3:00pm!!!!  Poor Marc, he went to bed early last night so he’d be ready for the night shift only to discover that his charge was sleeping.  He couldn’t get back to sleep so he watched movies.

Today was a big day for Bernadette in other ways.  Her Wish from the BC/Yukon Wish Foundation came this morning.  The rest of us were on pins and needles waiting for her to wake up and see it.  At one point she woke up and saw all the gifts wrapped and sitting there.  She asked what they were and even after we told her she smiled, said it was nice, and went back to sleep.  Poor Catherine had to wait like five hours for Bernadette to wake up and show an interested in it all.  In the meantime, Johanna pulled out some of her beautiful hair trying to get the Barbie Dream House put together before Bernadette woke up.  She did do an amazing job.  Thank heavens too cause otherwise I’d still be down there trying to do it myself.

Tonight Bernadette has another reason to be excited.  When she wakes up tomorrow she’ll be an aunt!  Not that she hasn’t been an aunt the last nine months, but she’ll know if she’s an aunt to a niece or nephew.  We’re all hoping for a girl of course.  Paul, Marc, and Joseph are hoping for a boy.  Strange how that works, huh.

We’ll keep you posted in the morning!   Go Christina go.  And Paul – no napping, complaining, or fainting allowed.


By John Rabarts
Thanks Patti, so nice to see happy reports. Well a happy report for Bernadette today, though I sense a little frustration for others. But a few hours waiting for Bernadette to wake not as frustrating as waiting for Christmas day! John.

By Bernadette Jordan
A new baby, how glorious and exciting. Lucky baby being born surrounded by such a loving family. A Barbie House is seond but still of major importance. Blessings to all of you. My prayers continue. Bernadette

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Yea a Barbie house and a new baby….how exciting for all! Love and prayers always,
T 🙂

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Bernadette and Dansereau family. A Barbie dream house. absolutely too cool. Hope you have many many many days months and years of playtime with it. Congratulations Grandma and Grandpa. Here is your joke for today………ready?………. What did the nut say when it sneezed?………… Ready……..its a groaner……… Cashew !!! Haha! Prayer hugs to you all. With love. Virginia

By Susan and Brian Dobson 
Hope Bernadette enjoys her wonderful gift. Looking forward to hearing the baby news!

By Patricia Kwitkoski
What a marvelous, loving, caring team you are. Bernadette have fun playing with your ” Barbie World”. Good for you for setting up the house Johanna. I am with you Patti, I hope the baby is a girl. I look forward to hearing the good news. Have a blessed day.

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