Hard to believe today was dressing change day!


Bernadette had another good day.  She was up most of last night until around 5:00am but was up again by about 9:00am and didn’t sleep much all day except for one nap.  We’re really hoping that will result in us not needing to do any night shifts tonight.   She didn’t get up and play today but she sat up more, interacted with Sarah, the nurse, and played with her new iPad from the Wish Foundation.  She’s starting to want to be up and more active which is so great.

Just before lunch a wonderful nurse, “M.J.” aka Mary Jane came and did a dressing change for us.  I had the honor of removing the old bandage though and instead of two hours it took less than five minutes.  Should have taken less than a minute but we’re making progress slowly.  And I’ll take five minutes over two hours any day of the week.  It was just so weird to have the dressing change come and go like it almost didn’t happen.  Bernadette can’t help but perk up knowing that the old dressing changes are a thing of the past.

We’ve uploaded a picture of baby Ruth.  Hope you enjoy it.  She looks like a perfect sweetie.  Can’t wait to meet her.  Tomorrow Joseph comes home and I’ll bet you ten dollars the first thing he wants to do Saturday morning is go to Revelstoke to see Ruth.  Bernadette would love to go too but she’s afraid of the travelling so she’s content to wait until just after Christmas to see her new niece.


By Patricia Kwitkoski
What a wonderful relief to have someone else do the dressing change and so quickly too!
Have a good time with Joseph, Bernadette. You have the cutest little niece, baby Ruth. Thanks for posting the picture of Ruth, Patti, for all of us to oooo & ahahahah at. God is so good. Love & prayers, Patricia

By Joan
Congrats on your new role as Auntie to Ruth. Bet you can’t wait to hold her tiny body in your arms! I bet Joseph can’t wait to hold you in his arms and hug you all up! Lots to look forward to! Lots to do on your ipad too. We remember you and all of your family every day in our prayers.
Joan & Bob

By Zita O’Neill
I am so thrilled to hear that the dressing changes have improved so dramatically. I have experience of nursing sick children and so have a small understanding of what you have to go through when they are changed Bernadette. I thank God for this blessing and the relief it must bring you. You sound like a very brave girl. 🙂

By Virginia Pukas
Yaaaaaaaay. Thank you God for great dressing changes, more energy, wish foundation gifts, and a beautiful baby girl. So happy to hear so much good news. …….and Joseph coming home today. Here is your joke of the day. ready…………
Catherine: Why did the triceretops cross the road?
Bernadette: It didn’t. The chicken crossed the road.
Catherine: OK. Why did the chicken cross the road?
Bernadette: To get away fro the triceretops!
……..sending you prayer hugs. With love Virginia.

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