Cloudy with sunny periods.


Just a quick update.  Unfortunately Bernadette had a rough day.  She woke up this morning nauseous and threw up in her bed.  That made her feel better for a while but she still felt lousy all day.  Grandma left around noon to return to Ottawa.  Then Joseph came home sometime after 4:00pm.  That would have been terribly exciting except Bernadette was feeling not so great.  But as the evening is progressing she’s feeling a little better.  Joseph has offered to take Marc’s early morning shift from 2:00am to 8:00am.  If she’s awake for most of it, it might give them some time to catch up on the last four months.  She may decide to totally ignore him and pretend to sleep, that’s what she did when Grandma took that same shift last night.  Marc is out of commission at the moment with a nasty cold.

Oh how we’re praying that everyone return to health.   It’s amazing how in tough times like this how the little things become so big.  Normally Marc being sick or Zoe teething or everyone battling sore throats and colds wouldn’t be that big of a deal.  And it is all minor compared to Bernadette’s illness, but it just adds a burden that feels five times heavier than it actually is.  Thank goodness God’s grace multiplies that five times as well, if not more.    Thankfully too Joseph has arrived to add two energetic helping hands.


By Venee Gunn
Praying that you all regain your strength and health and get over the minor stuff quickly. Welcome home to Joseph and quiet times of blessing to all of you. Thinking of you and sending our love from Gleneden.

By Zita O’Neill
It must be so nice to have Joseph home to help. I hope he and Bernadette have some good time together. 🙂

Sounds like Joseph got there just in time 😉 I hope you are all feeling better soon.

By Tatiana Raineri
Praying that health is restored in all senses and levels! Miss you all! <3

By Virginia Pukas
Oh, so sorry to hear some of you are under the weather. Welcome home Joseph. That Barbie dreamhouse needs a little loving carefrom some girls big and small so I hope things perk up today. Here is your joke for today. Ready?……………..Why do you need to be careful when its raining cats and dogs? Because you might step in a poodle. Haha! Sending you prayer hugs. With love. Virginia

By joe and marie kostiuk
your family are always in our thoughts and prayers, so nice to have joseph home .

By Marge Duncan
Praying daily for your family as you walk this path. May you continue to sense God’s presence and strength every moment and know that you are loved beyond what our finite minds can begin to grasp. Your family is a blessing to all of us in this difficult time. ‘His Love has no limit – His Grace has no measure – His Power has no boundaries known unto man – for out of His infinite riches in Jesus – He giveth and giveth and giveth again’ – Blessings and hugs

By Bernie Wock
You all continue to be in my prayers. Your family is amazing! Much love to all.

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