Sleeping Beauty


For all you who were specifically praying that Bernadette would straighten out her days and nights, I thank you.  Maybe it was just as much Mommy and Daddy (Ok.  mainly Mommy)  who needed straightening out and to remember how to be parents. It’s truly amazing how I can lose sight of common sense when dealing with a terminally ill child!!!!  I’ve been noticing that lately, yet feel somewhat powerless to do much about it, in my effort to put her comfort and happiness above what she ‘should’ be doing.   I don’t know.

All I do know is neither of us have done a night shift for three nights now and she’s slept.  I told Bernadette when her dad got sick that if she didn’t like who was staying with her during the night then maybe she should try sleeping all night and being awake in the day.   Unfortunately she was not impressed when Grandma did a night shift and when she was awake she played quietly or tried to sleep.  Joseph has done two night shifts now and it certainly didn’t look like any parties were going on.  The first night Joseph said they both slept and were up early, by 7:30am.  Bernadette then proceeded to stay awake all day except for a short nap at noon.  She had a great morning and was looking forward to trimming the tree (a week early this year in an attempt to boost her morale) but by evening she was in pain and tired and ended up just watching.   She slept most of the evening and then returned to her bed around 10:30pm and slept some more. When I went down there this morning it looked like neither Joseph nor Bernadette moved all night.

Maybe this is the beginning of night being night and day being day.  We’ll have to wait and see.  All we know for certain is Marc and I are extremely appreciative of Joseph taking over the night shift for now.  And for everyone’s prayers of course.  🙂


By Lawrence Beaton
Prayers and thoughts to you from SAA students and staff.

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I hope that today will be a good one. Here is your joke for today. Ready?……… If chickens wake up at the sound of a rooster crowing, when do ducks get up? Ready?……… At the quack of dawn !!!!!!!! Hahahahaha. Quacks me up!!!!!!!! Sending you all a prayer hug. With love, Virginia.

By Danielle O’Neill
A little joke for Bernadette. Why is Cinderella no good at sports? She has a pumpkin for a coach and she keeps running away from the ball.

By Danielle O’Neill
Try to remember to go easy on yourself Patti. There is no easy way to cope with Bernadette’s illness, and you and all of your family are doing an amazing, amazing job of looking after her. God bless you all and keep you in His loving care each and every day. Much love to you. Dani.

By rosalie verkin
Beign the complete computer whiz that I am It has taken me soooo long to work out how to get going on this site. Fortunately I am a little more familiar with prayer and I have been praying for you all every day. Father said mass for you last Monday. Now getting my behind to a post office is also the reason for the snail mail, contrary to popular belief, in my case it is not the fault of the Canada post. Please know Bernadette that you have become a big part of my day. God bless you all! Rosalie

By Virginia Pukas
Hurray for waking days and sleeping nights. Glad things are working out. How is Barbie-land? Hope today will be a good one for you all. Here is your joke for the day……………ready?………….its a knee slapper! What do you get when you cross a dog with a frog? Ready…………. A croaker spaniel! Hahahahaha. That’s a good one……..a croaker spaniel! Sending you all a prayer hug. With love. Virginia.

By Tatiana Raineri
Praise the Lord for everything that is good comes from Him!

By Susan Dobson
So glad that Joseph is there to be part of your amazing team. God Bless and keep you all!

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