Smartie Pants


Just a quick note to say that nothing much has changed on this home front.  Bernadette did sleep well last night.  She made a few trips to the bathroom but then went back to sleep.  Both Joseph and Johanna managed to get some sleep too.   Having slept all night, she was up most of the day today from around noon until this evening around 8:00pm when she fell asleep and hasn’t woken up yet – three hours later.  Hopefully this means she’ll stay asleep for the rest of the night – or else Joseph will have a long night.  Then again, he is use to partying all night.  🙂  Not to say that he’s a partier by any means, but he has been known to pull a few all-nighters with his friends now and again.  This time it might be with his sister.   Thank goodness he’s young and can rebound quickly.

For me the optimistic development is that I figured out a way to get more food into her – and healthy food to boot.  Why I didn’t think of it sooner I chalk up to sleep deprivation and only running on defense and not offence.  Today was the second day that she ate Meme’s soup.  I just put it in the food processor and added a cracker.  She ate six bites because she’s six.  The amazing thing is she didn’t cry and didn’t take a drink with each bite.  She just ate until she was done.  And I used a smaller spoon which I then heaped more of the very thick soup onto.  Yesterday we used a teaspoon but she didn’t open her mouth enough to get more then the tip in.   Tomorrow we’re going to increase it to seven spoons because soon she’ll be seven.  When we get close to ten then we’ll split it to twice a day – if I don’t try it sooner.   Plus we used a juicer for the first time and I gave her six spoons of thick raspberry juice.   What totally amazes me is she isn’t putting up a fight.  Had I known she’d be this way I’d have tried much sooner.  I just have to feed her small amounts more often so it doesn’t upset her tummy.   If we can build up her energy through eating more, I honestly believe it will make a huge difference and she’ll at least be like she was before she got so sick a couple weeks ago.  Maybe she’ll even enjoy Christmas.  I have ten days.  Please pray that it helps make a huge difference.  She’s so desperately skinny and weak.

I think the other difference is that she told me yesterday, “I’m tired of being sick.”  Hopefully she’s tired enough that she’ll do something about it – like eat more, move around a bit more, and hey, maybe even get dressed!!!!  That is another goal, to get her dressed and acting ‘normal’ in the hopes that she’ll actually begin to feel normal and it will encourage her to continue to get better.

As for the ‘Smartie Pants’ reference:  tonight we were watching Bernstein Bears and Papa Bear was trying to catch a really big fish for an anniversary dinner for the grandparents.  He kept throwing back the smaller fish saying they weren’t quite good enough.  During his trials and attempts, Bernadette piped up, “Why doesn’t he just buy one?”  In the end, guess what they did?  They had to buy one!  Too funny.

The other Smartie pants reference is in regards to her math skills that we haven’t learnt in her math book yet.  (Not that she’s done any homeschooling in the last two months.)  She was given a $50 gift card as part of her Wish from the Wish Foundation to put some games on the iPad Mini they gave her.  We downloaded a bunch of free games.  She loves the baking ones but most of the options are locked unless you pay for it.  I asked her if she wanted to buy the one app for $15.  She said, “No, cause then I’ll only have $35 left!”   Wow.   I tried to convince her to spend some of that money but she was quite reluctant.  She did finally concede to spend $10 on a Smurf baking game though.   Too cute.  Good news is we at least have some idea of something she’d like for Christmas!  After the ton of Barbie stuff from her Wish we though there would be nothing left of interest to give her.   And because she has no energy to play with the Barbie stuff yet, she’s focusing only on the iPad.

Anyways, so much for a ‘quick note’.  Good thing I’m not in a really chatty mood tonight, huh!


By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. Hope today will be a good one. Here is your joke for the day. Ready?………… What does a duck like to eat with his soup? Quackers ! Haha. Bernadette, maybe you’d like some quackers with Meme’s soup!!!!! Sending you all a prayer hug. With love, Virginia.

By Zita O’Neill
great to hear about the sleeping at night, and eating small amounts. Well done! Maybe not getting dressed is the new normal. :), but don’t give up hope that getting dressed will happen again. With you all in prayer. XX

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. Hurray for sleeping nights and wakful days aaaand for eating. I wonder if putting Greek yogurt with the raspberry puree and into a small ice cream cone would be enticing. Or maybe hummus and crackers she can pick at. There are some good free downloads like majong and shizen for kids. I’m glad things are looking better for the holidays. Here is your joke for the day. Ready?………… What did the pony say when he had a sore throat? ready?………. I’m a little hoarse! Haha. Thought it was appropriate with the sore throats in your house. Sending you prayer hugs. With love, Virginia.

Two digit math in her head, while so ill, now that’s impressive. So are your posts Patti, I read and re-read them with awe and admiration. Bernadette

By Wilma
Glad to hear she is actually eating something nourishing.she is still constantly in our prayers even from CAlgary. God bless you all and hugs from me to her.

By Tatiana Raineri — last edited
Amen to sleeping through the night, good nutrition and to our beautiful Smartie Pants!! Blessings abundant and in Christ, always!!

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