Silver Lining Shower!


So delighted to report that Bernadette informed me tonight that she’s feeling much better.  And she looks better, sounds strong, and is actually talking more than just to answer simple questions as to how she’s doing and if she needs anything.  She’s commenting on the shows she’s watching, telling Catherine how to do games on the iPad, smiling, and adding comments when the rest of us are interacting.  It’s amazing.   And you know how it is, when Bernadette is up, we’re all up, when she’s down we all follow.    Today though is probably the best we’ve seen her in over two weeks, so that’s saying a lot.

As for the silver lining shower, yesterday I was in town at the health store and discovered they had a Magnesium gel that is working great for her jumpy legs.   I just put some on when her jumpy legs drive her crazy and within minutes they calm right down.  Then we wait a little while and wash it off and put some regular cream on them to lessen the risk of the gel irritating her skin.  It seems to be working wonderfully.  Bernadette is thrilled to say the least.  It almost ranks up there with stress free dressing changes.  Which reminds me, tomorrow is dressing change day again.  Wow time is flying.  Bernadette didn’t mention the dressing change once all week so I’m pretty sure it’s not bothering her any more.  At least she’s not dreading it.

The other exciting thing that happened yesterday was that Sarah, one of Bernadette’s nurses, managed to feed Bernadette some strawberries and whip cream.  First I fed her Meme’s soup which stimulated her appetite enough for a few pieces of corn bread and then the strawberries and cream.   All in all she ate quite a bit – by Bernadette standards.  Today she again ate soup, corn bread, strawberries and cream, and for a real treat some chocolate covered pretzels.   I’m very much tempted to attribute her good day today to eating.    And with trying ‘new’ foods I’m really hoping it will encourage Bernadette to continue trying all her old favorites and really get back into eating.  The thing that complicates her eating is her first loose tooth.   Sure would be nice if it would come out soon so it doesn’t impede her eating efforts.

Dr. Weicker, Bernadette’s doctor, reassured us this morning that Bernadette’s sleeping pattern is due to her sleep hormones being screwed up as her body focuses on fighting the tumours.  It’s not because we’re being too lenient on her or anything like that.   What a relief.  He said we just have to go with the flow regarding Bernadette’s sleeping.  Very much like having a new baby in the house.

As I’m sitting here watching a movie with Bernadette, I saw another little sign of improvement that made my heart sing.  Bernadette got up to go to the bathroom and on her way back to her bed she actually stopped and took interest in an object on the coffee table.  A bag of gummy bears that Auntie Sylvie and Uncle Carl sent her and Catherine.   She hasn’t shown an interest in anything except watching shows and playing on her iPad in weeks.  Doesn’t hurt to be thankful even for the littlest things.   Another one!  She just got up all by herself to get a Kleenex.   Yah!

When it rains it pours.  This is one shower I can handle!


By Lawrence Beaton
Good morning, to you all, as SAA goes for Christmas and New Year school break, we will pray for happy days for your household. Keep us in your prayers as well.

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I’m so glad things are continuing to perk up. Happy, happy days. Here is your joke of the day. Ready?……… What do you call a cow that plays a musical instrument? ready?……. It’s another groaner………. a moosician ! Haha. Sending you all a prayer hug. With love. Virginia.

By candice anhel
You are awesome parents. And you are making our mouths water. We also are eating chocolate covered pretzels over here. And now I am going to make cornbread 🙂

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Sounds great! So wonderful to hear some positives.

By Patricia Kwitkoski
Thank you SO MUCH Patti for sharing all the marvelous, magical moments that have happened for Bernadette over the last little while. Your joy is my joy! As someone said ” It is the little things that matter.” Who was that someone? 🙂 Always in my thoughts and prayers, Patricia

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