Bernadette just delivered her first tooth at 12:00am, weighing in at less than .1 oz and .5cm long.   She’s now resting comfortably without the worry of swallowing her tooth during the night.  It’s a bottom tooth so she won’t be singing, “All I want for Christmas is my one front tooth.”   Far as I know she hasn’t named the tooth yet.

By Irene Papp
Congratulations!!!! Bernadette. That is so exciting. Wait until the tooth Fairy sees it. She will be so happy. Did you name your tooth yet? Very sweet, cuty. 🙂

Yeah Bernadette! Amber & Sienna know all too well about those annoying loose teeth that get in the way of trying to enjoy snacks or meals.
And great news on all the happy moments you have been recently having. We are so happy you are enjoying a happy, better feeling time this week. Keep it up Bernadette, you’re doing great!
The Kurz’s

By Virginia Pukas
Now she has a place to put a straw!

By Susan and Brian Dobson
So cute!

By Laureen Scherr
Wow that’s great! Looking forward to the pictures!

By John Rabarts

By Patricia Kwitkoski
Congratulations on the delivery of your tooth Bernadette. I hope the tooth fairy can find your house.
Very clever Patti, ” hasn’t named the tooth yet.” 🙂

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