Play Time


Good morning Everyone,

With a happy heart I’m delighted to share with you that last night Bernadette and I had play time!  She was tired of watching Berenstain Bears and was asking for something else to do.  First we played a game of Aggravation (like “Sorry” or “Trouble” only with cards and marbles) where she proceeded to whomp me.  Next she was game to get up and check out the Barbie Plaza that came with the Wish.  While we were sitting there, we watched a bit of “Barbie:  Life in the Dream House” on my iPod that fits into the “TV” in the Plaza.  She needed Barbies sitting there in the provided chairs watching too.   Because the episode we were watching was some big race with Barbie driving the camper, we also checked out her camper that came with the Wish.  We set it up and Bernadette actually got down on the floor to play with it for a bit.  Like Johanna, she was quick to figure out how it opened and set up whereas Mommy was Barbie toy challenged.   After playing for a short while, she returned to bed and we watched “Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs”.   It was such a great evening for her that she was almost in tears at 1:00am when I just had to get to bed I was so tired.  Sure she’s not tired, she only got up at 3:30pm whereas I’d been up since 7:00am with no nap.  Still, even with logic and common sense on my side, I still felt guilty leaving her in the capable hands of Johanna and then Joseph.  Apparently after I left she went to sleep.  I’ll hear the whole story when the night shift crew surfaces.

On a medical note, Bernadette’s hemoglobin is back down to 62 which is where it was at when she had her last transfusion a couple weeks ago, so the doctor is thinking of having another transfusion early this week if it works out.   Hopefully we won’t have the complication of a high fever before hand.  For the last three days her temperature keeps spiking in the early evening but a dose of Advil keeps it under control.  Her biggest discomfort right now is water retention in her tummy so the doctor is going to try to drain some of that with some medication I’m not even going to try to spell.   I wasn’t kidding when I said the best description for her is a pregnant teenager!  Now she’s even looking like one!  Poor girl.

Her second loose tooth is still giving her discomfort but she’s treating it like the first:  leave it alone and just maybe it won’t fall out.  🙂

Here’s to hoping for more play time today!!



By Susan and Brian Dobson
Playtime sounds wonderful!

By joe and marie kostiuk
great news ,we are always praying and thinking of your family. wishing you a merry christmas, hope things go okay with christmas. much caring joe and marie

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I’m glad Bernadette is using her Barbie land. Here’s hoping today is a good one. Now for your joke of the day. It’s a silly one but you can’t have knee slappers every day……… ready?……… What do you call a dog that tells time? A watch dog. Haha!! Sending you a prayer hug. With love. Virginia.

By Sarah St. Pierre
So glad to hear you two had playtime!

By Bernadette Jordan
I hear you Patti about the “new” toys. I’m overwhelmed. Today I played dominoes with my visiting Chilean grand daughtes, what a treat, and I didn’t even win. So happy momma got in some play time with Bernadette; those are precious moments. Wonderful that Joseph is home to sign his name on the loving and caring roster. You write a lovely message very descriptive and engaging, and heartbraking too. My prayers continue. Blessings, all around

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