Ok so wishing for more playtime might have been reaching for the stars.  The last two days have been very quiet with next to no activity.  Yesterday Bernadette had a ‘sick’ day where she just didn’t eat much or feel good all day.  Then she was up all night because she was afraid to go to sleep in case she swallowed her loose tooth.  Poor thing.  Made for a long night for Joseph too as they watched movies and he tried to keep her occupied.  He discovered what the rest of us have been going through for a while now:  finding something that interests Bernadette is next to impossible.

After a long night we were thinking we might have to wake Bernadette up this afternoon to go to town to draw blood for a cross match for her blood transfusion Wednesday morning, but Dr. Weicker was gracious enough to come to Bernadette.  She was very relieved to say the least.

The highlight of the last two days for Bernadette was when she found Poptropica at the Apps store last night.  It’s a game she was playing on the iPad at the hospital and on her friend Lacey’s mom’s iPad this summer.  We’ve been looking for it for two weeks now at the Apps Store.  She was so excited when she finally discovered it.  Catherine was disappointed because she was hoping to find it for her.  Just can’t win some days, huh.

Right now I’m off to make Bernadette a hot chocolate of all things!  She’s been eating Cheerios for the last couple days.  I really wish she’d mix things up a bit instead of eating one food until she’s sick of it.  deep sigh  At the rate she’s going she won’t have any foods left that she likes.

Anyways…. extra prayers Wednesday would be greatly appreciated as we have to be at the hospital by 8:00am.  Some days she’s up at that time, other days she’s just falling asleep.  I’m praying it will be one of those days where she’s awake and up for the day.  All I know for certain is that Bernadette is dreading the transfusion after the last one took two days.  I’ll keep you posted.


By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I hope the transfusion goes well today . Here is your joke for today. Ready?? What is big and white and furry and is shaped like a tooth?? A molar bear!! Sticking with the tooth theme! Sending you all a prayer hug on this eve of Christ’s birthday. With love, Virginia

By Bernie
Praying for you all today!
Sending love and hugs.

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. Poptropica? I must be getting older and out of touch!! These are new words to me! Extra prayers are on the way for Wednesday. A transfusion should perk Bernadette up for the rest of the holidays. OK. Here is your joke for today…… Ready? What kind of flower grows on your face? ready? …Tulips. I had to send this joke because when I was a child, my dad came home from work one day with a bouquet of tulips and said to my mom I’ll trade these tulips for your two lips. Never forgot it. Sending you a prayer hug. With love,. Virginia.

By Ryan Kurz
Bernadette and family, you are definitely in our prayers over these next few days for transfusion day especially but also that family time together during this Christmas week will be extra special for all of you.
And of course, that sleeping schedules are all aligned!

By Susan and Brian Dobson
Hope Bernadette has a good day, today. xoxo

By Joan
We’ll be lifting you up on a pillow of prayer that wed transfusion goes smoothly and gives you energy to celebrate Christmas with your family.
Love Joan and Bob

By Zita O’Neill
lots of prayers for Wed. I hope the transfusion goes as best as it can. God bless. XX

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