Merry Christmas!


Merry Christmas from Bernadette and the rest of us to each and every one of you!!!!  We thank you again and again and again for all your prayers these last two months of great trial.  Not only your prayers but all your support in every way.  We couldn’t get through this difficult time without you!

Bernadette’s blood transfusion went very well this morning.  She was awake and out the door by 7:15am and in a half decent mood too.  Marc took her as I couldn’t leave without feeding Zoe first and she doesn’t quite wake up that early in the morning.  They were home by 1:30pm.  A much better experience than the last one.  Marc said she slept through most of it.  Then she came home and had another long nap.

Last night Bernadette managed to pull out her second loose tooth!  After five days of trying not to wiggle it she couldn’t stand the irritation any more and worked it loose.  Then Monday night she was afraid to go to sleep for fear she’d swallow it but it didn’t actually come out until Tuesday night.  Needless to say she was extremely relieved when it did.  She didn’t appreciate the pain that came with it but she got over it soon enough.

Tonight we had a special treat that Bernadette didn’t appreciate at all.  We had a visit from Father Christmas!  Catherine who doesn’t know the meaning of shy hid from Father Christmas and Bernadette, who was ‘trapped’ on the couch because she didn’t have the energy to hide, just cried.  Father Christmas read us ” ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas”, visited for a few minutes, held Zoe for a little bit, and then was off with Linda to visit another family.

Now it’s 1:30am and Bernadette and I are watching a Christmas movie, the first one she’s agreed to watch this season.  Doing the entire night shift is my small gift to Bernadette, Johanna, and Joseph.   Bernadette is in great spirits and giving me a color commentary on the movie “Santa Paws”.  This is my Christmas present to myself too, having this special time with Bernadette.  It will be one Christmas night I shall treasure forever.

That being said, I’m back to our all night Christmas night party.  A blessed Merry Christmas again from our family to all of you!  God bless!


By Susan and Brian Dobson
Glad you had this special Christmas gift, Patti. Christmas Blessings to you and yours!

With on going Prayers for Bernadette and the whole Family. Merry Christmas. Here is today’s joke. Why does Santa Clause have a Garden? So He can Hoe Hoe Hoe all year long!
Brother Raymond Pierce and my Redemptorist Community.

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Merry Blessed Christmas! Praying for all and thanking God for the gifts he gives each of us ….everyday!…especially family and friends who help us remember God’s love and how to share it with each other…..Sending so many best wishes and blessings for the days to come….miracles happen everyday…..praying for the best miracle of all for each of you. T 🙂

By From the Anhel families in Kelowna and Rossland
We’ve been praying for Bernadette and all those who love and care for her since we heard from the Anhel’s.
God Bless You All
Praying for a miracle🙏

By Zita O’Neill
Happy Christmas to you all. Thinking of you at this special time and praying the Prince of Peace will bless your family with peace this Christmas. XXX

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I hope you had a lovely day yesterday. May the Christ child continue to bless you with his peace through the coming days. Ok. Here is your joke for today. Ready?……….. It’s a little tricky but its a groaning knee slapper…….ok…….what do you call a deer with no eyes? ………….. No idea !!!! Hahahaha. No idea!!! Love it! Sending you prayer hugs. With love, Virginia

By rosalie verkin
Merry Christmas Patti, Marc, Bernadette and family. I knelt before the beautiful crib of the Christ Child at church last night and offered special prayers for you. May He bring you peace and joy and Christmas gifts that only He can bring.

By Neutelings family
Merry Christmas from our home to yours. All our family is home so we are blessed indeed. Enjoy this special time with family especially with your new babe this year. May you all be blessed this Christmas Season. Jesus is truly the reason for the season.

By Virginia Pukas
A Blessed Christmas morning to all the Dansereau family. I hope today will be a truly special one for all of you. Here is your joke of the day. ready?……….. Why do seagull fly over the sea?? …:………… Because if they flew over the bay they would be called bagels!! Haha. I know its a groaner. Sending you all a Christmas prayer hug. With love, Virginia.

By Marge Duncan
Sending prayers and thoughts your way during this Christmas season. What a treat to see Joseph sitting in the piano studio waiting room on Thursday morning and being able to visit with him for an hour! It was the highlight of my day:) Your family is a gift to all of us as we witness how you share unselfishly of your journey through this painful time. May you sense God’s presence giving you strength and comfort always.

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