Happy Second Day of Christmas!


Just a quick note . . . I hear the groans already.  “Quick note!  Don’t think she knows the meaning of ‘Quick note’!”  🙂  Ok ok… I promise to make this one quick.  ha ha

Bernadette had a great Christmas Day.  It was all quiet here as she slept all day and everyone else slept in or went down to Meme and Pepe’s for the day to be with the rest of the family.  Bernadette joined us at Meme and Pepe’s for supper and a gift exchange and then the two of us came back here for some quiet time of our own.

Unfortunately her day ended on a sad note as she was in incredible pain for a little while.  We were doing a cool “My Little Pony” sticker book when the pain struck her side.  It lasted a little while until Johanna suggested it just might be a muscle spasm and that the medstick always helped her muscle spasms instantly.  We tried it and it did the same for Bernadette!  She was then asleep within five minutes and slept the entire night except for one trip to the bathroom.

Total opposite of the night before where she didn’t fall asleep until 7:00am after spending the entire night working on a “Lego Movie” Lego kit from Joseph.  It was soooo cool to watch her work on the kit and stick with it for hours.  She just loves to follow instructions and build things.

Today she was up by 10:00am and with no nap all day she still hasn’t gone to bed.  Her and Johanna are playing something electronic – naturally.

The highlight of our day was a visit from Charlie and Jean Allen.  Bernadette acted her usual shy self but they got to say hi and blessed her with their presence.

Ok.  Now be honest, was that quick or was that quick.  🙂 On second thought – don’t answer that.  🙂 🙂 🙂


By Susan and Brian Dobson
All posts are wonderful…quick or not so quick!

By Bernadette Jordan
A gift to have such a capable and loving big sister. Joanna sounds likes she should look for a career in medicine with all her abilities of caring and compassion. So happy to read of a quiet peaceful Christmas Day with some mommy and daughter time while the rest of the troupe were obviously so well taken care of. My prayers continue each and every night. Blessings coming at all of you.

By Ryan Kurz
Blessings to all of you! So glad to hear Bernadette and all of you had a good Christmas day. The snow is finally falling. Maybe she’ll get a chance to enjoy it too!

By Zita O’Neill
sounds like a really nice day and night! 🙂

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I’m so glad you had a beautiful Christmas day. Good for Johanna for solving the pain problem. What a gift it was. Ok here is your joke for today. Remember yesterday’s joke was what do you call a deer with no eyes? Answer was………no idea!! Ok todays joke is what do you call a deer with no eyes and no legs? Ready……… Still no idea !!!!! AhAhahhha. That’s hilarious. A double knee slapper !!!!! ( or perhaps small things amuse small minds). Sending you all a prayer hug. With love, Virginia

By Joan
Thx so much Patti for keeping us posted on your family’s activities! We light our “Bernadette & family” candle every am and pray for comfort and peace for all of you. We know that love is everywhere in your home and extended family!
Love Joan & Bob

By Sylvie Dansereau
It was such a pleasure to see Bernadette on Christmas Day ! Even if it was only for a short visit.Especially great to see her eating some of Memere”s mashed potatoes!Also good to hear Bernadette was able to open all her presents on Xmas Eve,
Love and prayers Bernadette! Thinking of you everyday,
Auntie Sylvie and Uncle Carl xoxo

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