“Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow….”


This morning I came down and found Bernadette wide awake and enjoying watching it snow.  She looked amazing!  Totally peaceful and content.  Her eyes were clear and bright and she looked perfectly happy.  It was such a change that I commented on it more than a dozen times.  I took a few pictures of the car and van out front to give her an idea of just how much snow had fallen.  She grinned.  She wishes she could go outside and play in it.

The last couple days have been relatively uneventful.  Bernadette continues the hunt to find interesting things to do that aren’t watching movies or playing on her iPad.  I forgot to mention that on New Year’s Day Johanna gave her a pile of Pokémon cards from Timothy Weicker and she thoroughly enjoyed those.  They fired her up and now she’s playing Pokémon on the iPad.  How she has a head for such a complicated game is beyond me. oy!   So thank you Timothy for your generosity.  You made a little girl beam from ear to ear and we haven’t seen that in a really long time.  Thank you!!!!!

Health wise she continues to hold her own these last few days.  Right now we’re praying that she doesn’t catch the cold that Catherine and Zoe are struggling with.   She is still drinking PediaSures and snacking on Rice Krispies, but the Rice Krispies are losing their appeal so we’re on the hunt for the next food of the week.  Marc made Welch cakes the other night which she enjoyed but then the big kids came home and they disappeared.  Thankfully she didn’t ask for more.  This morning she was hungry and wanted to eat ‘something’ but had no idea what.
Our most dreaded phrases these days are:
1.  Can I do something?
2.  Can I watch something?
3.  Can I eat something?
because that ‘something’ is just as elusive to us as it is to her.  It’s such a shame that she has hundreds of dollars worth of brand new Barbie toys and none of it interests her or she doesn’t have the energy to play with it and yet we’re desperately searching for something she can do.  esh  The good news is we have found a few movies to watch thanks to a donation from the Kurtz family who upgraded from their VHS, Virginia raiding the thrift store,  and today we discovered a show on Netflix that seems to be holding her attention for a few minutes at a time.

Speaking of the Netflix show holding her attention, she’s done and no doubt wanting me to keep her entertained.   Catherine and Marc are going out to make a snow fort in the back yard.  Gee, wonder if they’ll have enough snow?  ha ha   Better get back to work. 🙂

Happy 12th Day of Christmas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Thank you Patti, good hearing about Bernadette, beautiful little girl. You are in our prayers. Anne & Debbie

By Cheryl Zimmer
Thanks so much for the updates Patti. We really appreciate them a lot. I hope Bernadette has a good night.

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