Triple whammy


Our fears have been realized.  Last night Bernadette whimpered the words:  “It hurts to swallow” and then this morning her nose started running like a tap, when it wasn’t all stuffed up that is.  All day she’s been fighting back the tears every time she has to blow her nose.  We’ve yet to find anything she hates more than having a cold.  deep sigh   And to make matters worse – for me anyways is that it appears the first words out of my mouth tomorrow morning might be “It hurts to swallow!”   The last time I had a cold for my birthday (that I can remember anyways) was the year before Joseph was born.  Deep sigh.  So if that’s the case, tomorrow all the women in Marc’s life will be sick with colds.  Oh lucky him!

Other than having a cold, today Bernadette had a big appetite.  She probably ate more than she has in three days combined.  I guess having a cold makes one hungry.  Or maybe it’s all the having to sit up to blow her nose, it’s the most exercise she’s had in a month.  Not to mention she’s been sitting up all by herself too.  I haven’t seen her do that in a month either.

Anyways, we’re praying very hard that this is a short-lived cold – for all of us.


By Patricia Kwitkoski
Happy Birthday Patti!!! Have you heard of peeling a ginger root & cutting it in small pieces putting this in a medium size pot of water and bringing it to a boil. Pour in a mug , add honey and you have a natural decongestant tea. I find it works very well. You can use the ginger several times. Hope this helps and all of you are feeling better very soon. Let’s hope Marc doesn’t get it. Someone has to take care of you ladies. Bernadette, keep thinking happy thoughts. 🙂 Love & prayers, Patricia

By Venee Gunn
Happy Birthday Patti and blessings to all of you! My prayer is that your colds will flee quickly and in the meantime you cuddle up with a cup of hot tea and the ones you love to celebrate this special day in your honour. Tickles to Bernadette,

By Cheryl Zimmer
Birthday greetings to my dear friend. My heart goes out to sweet little Bernadette having a darn sore throat and cold. May she speedily recover. Blessings on everyone’s day. <3

By Wilma
First Happy Birthday Patti and even though you have been blessed with a cold you are blessed to be having ANOTHER Birthday. To me every birthday is a GIFT so enjoy the day. Sorry to hear Bernadette had to be ‘Blessed’ with the same ‘Cold” but glad to hear she ate well. Hugs and special prayers for all of you. Have a wonderful day-cold and all.

By Bernie
Happy Birthday Patti! May you receive special blessings! Hoping the colds don’t last long.

By Susan
Happy Birthday, Patti! Hoping that you and Bernadette get through this cold quickly.

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Happy Birthday Patti! Wishing one of your gifts be – no cold for you and a quick one for Bernadette! We have all been fighting them here too – however sore throats in the morning sometime go away as the day progresses. May you always feel God with you – everyday – especially on you B/D. Love and prayers always – T 🙂

By Bob Williston
My dear older Patti, it seems that as we get on in life, we become more susceptable to the maladies all around us. So my advice is to QUIT HAVING BIRTHDAYS …LOL. Actally, I want you to know that Joan and I are praying equally hard for Bernadette, you and Marc…for strength, for health and GRACEFUL AGING FOR YOU! Love you guys lots and will try and call today. Happy birthday
bob and joan

By Zita O’Neill
HAPPY BIRTHDAY Patti!!! So sorry to hear you are all suffering from colds. I hope you don’t get it! Lots of love and prayers. XXX

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