Day 3


Well, Bernadette has survived Day 3 of her cold.  She discovered that having her legs rubbed makes her feel better.  Here I thought I was rubbing them because they were restless or jumpy.  “No, they don’t hurt like that, it just feels better when you rub them,”  she informed me last night when I offered to put the Magnesium gel on them.  I probably spent three hours at it yesterday.  Not that I’m complaining, if it makes her feel a little better then I’m happy to do it.  Anything to take her mind off her cold.

Today is dressing change day.  Don’t know if you noticed but I didn’t even mention the last two dressing changes because they were such non-events.  Ten, fifteen minutes and it was done.  Today’s will be a bit longer though as the nurse from Salmon Arm is coming out to do the change.  It appears that most, if not all, the stitches that hold the cord coming out of her chest have become detached and she has a rash under the dressing that is terribly itchy.  MJ is going to see if she can’t figure out a way to give Bernadette a little relief for all the scratching.

Other than that, nothing much has changed really.  We’ve watched a lot of movies because Bernadette’s energy level is low due to the cold.  With five of us sick, movies seem to be the preferred activity of all of us – except Zoe that is.  She’s discovered that Bernadette has a whole world of Barbie on the other side of the room and now there is no distracting her from it.  Too funny.  Well, at least someone wants to play with it all.  Wonder if the Wish Foundation will notice the difference if I send pictures of Zoe playing with it instead of Bernadette?

Thank you for all the Birthday wishes yesterday.  And to answer many of your questions, yes I did come down with the cold.  My throat was sore when I recorded the last entry but I was hoping it would go away by morning.  It did, but then the rest of the cold hit like a ton of bricks in the middle of the afternoon.  Oh well.  A family that suffers together gets quarantined together.


Good morning Dansereau family. I hope you are all getting over your colds and are feeling better. I also hope today will be a good day for everyone. Here is your joke for the day. Ready ? Why was the little ant confused? Ready? Because all its uncles were aunts. (thinking of aunties and uncles today)!!! Sending you all a prayer hug. With love. Virginia

By Allan, Angela and the boys Dickieson
Hi Patti Marc, Bernadette and Family,
We hope you all have a very peaceful, loving and joyful Christmas. Many God pour out all His blessings over you Bernadette and to the rest of you! Those darn colds can be quite the nucnese ( I know I didn’t spell that right). The prayers are daily for you Bernadette… God is with you and loves you soooooo much!
Many hugs to you all!!!!

By Bernadette Jordan
Surrounded by colds and by love and then a birthday. I hope Barbie doesn’t get sick!! With the girl babies around I’m sure Barbie will eventually be well worn. So glad that Joseph was able to defer his schooling and thus stay home and be involved in this journey, he will be a great addition to the team roster.. Hoping that the dressing change went smoothly and that dear little Bernadette is free from the itching. You all make me feel humble in your ability to take each day and live it as best you can. You are all heros to me. My prayers continue for each of you.

By Sylvie Dansereau
Happy belated birthday Patti! Thinking of you all here in Quebec City with all the snow.
Love and prayers,
Sylvie and Carl xoxo

“A family that suffers together gets quarantined together” great one!
We hope you all starting feeling better really soon (unless you’re enjoying the movies too much!)

By Cheryl Zimmer
Love, hugs and prayers coming your way.

By Susan
Get well soon, Patti. I am glad that Zoe is enjoying the “Wish” Barbies. Truly, the “Wish” should be a family affair; you all so deserve it. Take care, xoxox

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