29 hours and counting!


It’s been 29 hours and counting since Miss Bernadette last slept more than an hour.  I don’t know how she can do it.  She was up most of the wee hours of the morning Thursday.  Joseph said they watched movies and played.  Then she fell asleep just before I got up and slept until her dressing change at 11:00am.  After that she stayed awake for a little while and then fell asleep until around 7:00pm last night.  We only had a few hours with her before we crashed.  Joseph had a long night but he said she did very well.  I was fully expecting her to sleep all day today but noooooo.  It’s now 11:30pm and she’s eating mashed potatoes, playing on her DS and watching the movie “Brave” all at the same time, oh and scratching of course.  Poor Joseph, he slept all day and if Bernadette sleeps all night he’ll be wide awake with nothing to do.  I’m sure he’ll find something.

Mary Jane kind of drew a blank yesterday on what to do to help Bernadette’s itching under the dressing.  She tried putting some gaze under her cord thinking that might help with the irritation but it continued to drive Bernadette crazy.  Tonight she took off her night dress (all by herself!!) as she was very uncomfortable and was using the sheet to help her scratch around her dressing.   I tried some Calamine Lotion which she said didn’t work and agreed to go for a soak in the tub to wash it off.  I was about to wipe it off when she informed me that it was working after all.  She told me she feels like she needs to scratch and then the feeling goes away.  So maybe that will help for now.  Wouldn’t that be a blessing!

As for her cold, she’s on the mend.  Still coughing a little and blowing her nose about once an hour or so, but all in all she’s done very very well.  Thank you all for your prayers that she would get over this cold sooner than later.  She’s even doing better than Zoe who caught it a couple days before her.  Oh speaking of Zoe, I have to share this with you.  Bernadette asked me to feed Zoe downstairs so I’d still be close to her.  No problem.  At one point she asked what that funny sound was coming from our direction.  I’m sitting in a lazy boy chair near the head of her bed so she can’t really see us except out of the corner of her eye.   My answer:  “She’s blowing bubbles in her milk.”  Try picturing that!  Too funny.

Anyways, after a long day of rubbing legs, creaming feet, helping her sit up, helping her lay down, trying to find comfortable positions, decorating her walls with “Frozen” wall deckles from Amber Kurtz (she loves them, thank you!!!), finding movies to watch, bathing, and bringing her snacks , drinks, and medicines, I’m ready to hit the hay even if she isn’t.  Where she gets the stamina to stay awake so long is beyond me.   Bob, you’re right, I’m getting old.


By Bernadette Jordan
A mother’s love is never ending, a source of strength for everyone. Your litany of love for Bernadette and the rest of your family is awe inspiring, and yes, exhausting even to read about. I’m glad you find the strength to write your posts to give us the barest glimpse of such unbounding love. Courage, faith, hope, strength I feel it all. It humbles me to read it.

By joe and marie kostiuk
patti maybe some clotrimarzole cream, maybe ask nurse if its okay, i used it for itch spider bite and it worked well. hope she is doing better. not sure if i spelled cortozone right.

By Robert Paille
Patty, I’ve found that the best itch control product is Lanacane Extra Strength. Bob

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