When little things become BIG things


Daddy did the night shift with Bernadette last night to give Joseph a night off for his birthday.  She said she really enjoyed staying with Daddy for a change.   When she was in the hospital for the two weeks Daddy stayed with her almost every night.  She enjoyed those nights.

This morning she is in intense pain in her side.  So much so that she agreed to take morphine.  She hates morphine!  But now as I type this she has calmed down.  I’m hoping she’ll actually fall asleep for a little while.

The other big thing we did this morning had us BOTH in tears.  Bernadette finally agreed to have her hair cut so she can roll over with greater ease.  I tried to do it in a hurry before she changed her mind.  My first mistake.   Then while I was actually cutting it, I was in a hurry before she ran out of energy to sit up.   My second mistake.  In the end it was a botched job and she cried because it was shorter than she thought it would be.  It was shorter than I thought it would be too!!!!  My third mistake!  So we both cried.  It’s been over an hour now and she’s come to grips with it and I’m still crying!  I’ve attached before and after pictures.  The after picture is before I tried to tidy it up a little.  Still needs to be fixed but nobody is going to notice, not even her, just me of course.    I know this is just a mother thing, but I fear I’ll feel guilty about this for a long time to come.   Or maybe I just need a nap too.


By Zita O’Neill
I think you did a great job of the haircut. I really hope it helps her feel a bit better. Don’t waste your energy feeling guilty, you need it for more important things. 🙂 lots of love, XX

By Bernadette Jordan
Patti, her hair looks lovely and glossy and manageable. What an ordeal and I’m sure the tears are not necessarily for the loss of the hair. You are an amazing lady and like the others I hope you can get a bit of rest. Happy Birthday to Joseph.

By Allan, Angela, Jonas,James, Gabriel, and Mattias
You did a fantastic job ! It’s only hair….😄Loved the pictures…she looks so pretty ….🎀

By Ryan Kurz
I’m afraid I have to side with every other response here Patti. Her new dew looks great! Go and take that much needed nap and you will feel better 2 ways: 1) you will feel rested, and 2) you will see that the hair shortening went well.
Chin up!

By Virginia Pukas
Take your nap!!!!!!! You did a beautiful job on Bernadette’s hair. It looks so full and healthy with no split ends. GOOD JOB AND WELL DONE!

By Jolene Scherr
Wow, her hair was SO long! I can’t imagine trying to roll over with that much hair. It must be SO much easier for her now that it is shorter. It looks great Patti!

By Susan D.
Stop the tears, Patti! You have done a beautiful job that will make Bernadette’s life easier. Each day you work hard and solve a little (or big) problem here and there…. no one could ask for more! Take care. Love and prayers…

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