Once again sleep eludes us….


I’m sitting here on the couch beside Bernadette’s bed with the timer set for 10 minutes.  If she’s not asleep after 10 minutes of laying with her eyes closed then she’s allowed to watch something.  Johanna just spent almost two hours playing Mario Brothers in an attempt to put Bernadette to sleep.  She said she always falls asleep when her and Joseph play it together.  It didn’t work.  It’s almost 3:00pm and she’s been awake since 7:00pm last night, after a super long six hour nap in the afternoon, which was after another 20 hour marathon.  How is she expected to cope with everything she needs to cope with on such little sleep?  I know how little I can handle on lack of sleep.  Please pray with me that she gets some serious sleep.  I mean serious.  Like maybe a 15 hour stretch like she did a month or so ago.  Oh those were the days.

Had a talk with the nurse, Mary Jane, who comes to do the blood work for us tomorrow.  She suggested that the allergic reaction is more than likely due to the cleaning sticks that we’re using than to the bandages.  So when she comes tomorrow she’s bring more dressing supplies so we can use the cream to clear up the rash that is there and hopefully not aggravate it any further.  In the meantime I can try putting a small piece of the silicone bandage elsewhere on her skin to see if she reacts to it.  That was a suggestion by Teri.  I mentioned it to Bernadette and it caused her to burst into tears.  Oh what a little sleep could accomplish.   With the new dressings and cream we’re really hoping to drive the itch monster away for good.  That would probably help her sleep.

I wish I could say that we’re both over yesterday’s haircut but as yesterday wore on and today she’s not missing an opportunity to tell me how much she hates her hair being so short.  BUT she’s able to put it in a pony tail herself which is a huge help.  I think in a couple more days and some serious sleep to recharge her batteries she’ll agree that her hair is fine now.  “It can happen!”  (Angles in the Outfield movie quote)

Her ten minutes is up and guess who is finally asleep!  Now the question is for how long?  Hopefully a few hours anyway.  A few being 17 hours.  THAT would be so wonderful.

Last night I was telling her that her best friend, Sienna, is having a birthday party on Sunday and she said she’d really like to go.  I told her it included lunch at Boston Pizza, followed by the new Paddington movie, and then to Askews for cake.  It was going to be a long afternoon.  She insisted she could handle it.  I pressed her that it was probably way too much for her but no she was sure she could do it.   Ok.  Today I mentioned it again and she said the only part she really wanted to be at was to watch Sienna open gifts.  When I told her the invitation said NO GIFTS she decided she wouldn’t go after all.  I never expected she’d go in the first place but it sure was cute that for a little while she was actually keen about it and wanted to go.  If there is a chance she feels up to it we may still try and take her to the movie, though I highly doubt she’d have the energy, unfortunately.  Maybe with some sleep.

Anyway, now that she’s asleep, Mother here is also going for a much needed nap.  Zoe was up at 4:30am for two hours which is so unusual for her.  Bernadette enjoyed the extra time with Mommy though.   Hopefully sleep will come to me in less than ten minutes too.  One can hope.


By Johanna Dansereau
Moooooom! If you’re going to quote a movie you could at least get it right :/

By Dorothy Hruby
Bless you, Patti. I hope you can catch some shut eye. For Bernadette also.

By Danielle O’Neill
I have had sleep difficulties for years. Sometimes I find that breathing deeply helps and other times playing soft music helps, especially if it’s praise music. I really feel for you and pray that sleep will come very soon to all who need it – Mum and Bernadette especially.

By Gaetane Shirley
No one knows more than me what lack of sleep does to one!! I was used to 8-9 hrs. every night, once menopause hit I’m lucky if I get 5-6. It’s horrid!! I will pray to our Blessed Mother for you to get some well deserved sleep!! God bless.

By Allan, Angela, Jonas,James, Gabriel, and Mattias
May the angels sing you both a lala bye and pray for a restful sleep.😥

By Susan D.
Good night and God Bless!

By Matteo Raineri Cavalca
Praying for night sleeps and restored energy. Blessings!

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