Partly sunny with 100 percent chances of rain.


As I try to collect my thoughts and share with you all that happened today I find myself at a loss for words.  We had many silver linings today but around heavy clouds that produced a lot of rain.

My first silver lining was a call from my aunt in Australia who shared her 30 years experience in oncology and palliative care with me.  What she shared was invaluable and greatly appreciated but I couldn’t help but cry a few times when having to admit just how much Bernadette is suffering these days.   But she gave me a lesson on Morphine and how much it can help Bernadette if we give it to her on a regular basis.  Dr. Weicker said the same thing but we didn’t have that much so we were using it sparingly.  It appears now that we should be using it regularly instead.  So with a few doses today we noticed a big difference.  Her jumpy legs were not so severe, her mood improved so much every member of the family commented on it, she played well all day, and her appetite increased a little.  She was even thinking of others over herself which is beautiful.   She was playing a shopping game on a Jumpstart app and as she picked the different items to add to her cart she’d say things like, “What would Catherine like?”  or “I’ll pick tomatoes because I know Daddy likes tomatoes.”   She even waited a fair length of time to watch a show on the big TV because Joseph and Johanna were playing on the Wii.  Then she watched a show Catherine wanted just in case Catherine missed some episodes she’d watched without her.  Then after one episode she asked Catherine if it was okay if she took a break and she returned to her iPad to play.  It really was so cute!    She didn’t sleep all day until we prayed the Rosary and she slept right through it, woke up for a minute to get comfortable and went right back to sleep.  She’s sleeping now even.

The other silver lining was the blood work came back that her hemoglobin was higher than two weeks ago, just by a smig, but it means no blood transfusion needed.  From what my aunt was saying, her biggest difficulty right now is pain control and we’re now working on that in a more efficient manner.  Dr. Weicker also said her liver function tests continue to remain stable but the other numbers took a jump up.  I can’t say as I understand the tests well enough to explain them to you but the numbers going up is not a good sign if I understand correctly.  Made my heart sink a little more and caused more rain.  That darn rain!!!!

Tonight Joseph gets a break from the night shift.  He has a ski race he’s agreed to help with tomorrow so Wilma is coming to be with Bernadette through the night.  Given the time she’s arriving it gives Johanna a break from the 11:00pm – 2:00am shift too!  Just means Marc or I should get up a little earlier tomorrow so Wilma can go home and get some sleep.    Sarah, a nurse whose use to come Tuesday and Thursday evenings will be coming to do one night shift a week starting Tuesday.  That will give the big kids a little more of a break which will be cool.

Tomorrow Dr. Weicker comes in the morning and we’ll be discussing the possibility of a Vitamin C IV treatment.  I didn’t realize that there was a naturopath in Salmon Arm who does Vitamin C IV treatments or I would have contacted him months ago.  Another cause for rain.  I just pray that it’s not too late to try it.  The double silver lining around that black cloud is the naturopath doctor even said he’d come to the house and treat Bernadette here!  Isn’t that the most wonderful and amazing thing.  Two doctors who do house calls – in today’s day and age.   Bernadette is one very blessed little girl!


By Susan D.
Amongst the sunshine and rain is the constant that you are surrounded by love! God Bless!

By Wilma
I enjoyed my stay overnight with Bernadette even though she rested most of the night. I considered it to be a blessing to be with her during this difficult time for her.
Thank you for giving me this opportunity to be with her as I feel time is precious.God’s blessing on you all.

By Lots of love and prayers from your new ,old friends..Rene and Jean
Thank you again for sharing your journey with us. Despite the rain you still find sunshine and you inspire us all. Our prayers and those of our friends continue.

By Matteo Raineri Cavalca
Praying you rested well yesterday and are feeling refreshed this morning. Also praying it is not too late for the vitamin C IV treatment. Jesus is faithful and we choose to believe in Him. Blessings!

By Virginia Pukas
Good morning Dansereau family. I hope everyone had a good sleep last night. Thank you God for all the wonderful helping angels both seen and unseen He has sent you and your family. You have not mentioned the dreaded itch so I’m praying it is getting under control. May today bring you some rainbows and sunshine and a breath of fresh air. Ok….. Here is your joke for today……..ready?… Catherine, why does a leopard have a hard time hiding?……………..because it is always spotted!!! Haha. Sending you all a prayer hug. With love. Virginia

By Patricia Kwitkoski
They say it takes a community to raise a child. And thank God your family has a wonderful community to help care for precious Bernadette. I pray that regular administration of the morphine will keep that pain away and allow all to be more at peace.
I’ll be waiting to hear about the “RAINBOW” at the end of the rains. Sleep well.
Love & prayers, Patricia

By Terry Mae Sinclair
Praying hard for less rain ….may God’s love shine on all of you…and thanks and blessings to all the people – friends, family, doctors, nurses – HE continues to send your way….Praise be to God!

By Cheryl Zimmer
Dear God, may everyone get a little more sleep in the Dansereau family tonight. xoxoxoxox

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