Still praying for sleep….


I’m writing this in the few minutes while Bernadette is sleeping.  That nap I was telling you about yesterday that I hoped would last 15 hours, well it lasted only one.  Joseph said she had a good night though and slept on and off.  Today when Mary Jane came to do blood work and a dressing change, I happened to ask if there was anything I could possibly give Bernadette to help her sleep.  My intention was more to get some feedback from her and then ask Dr. Weicker for assistance.  She suggested morphine could help her sleep.  That reminded me that the other day when Bernadette was in so much pain I gave her morphine and she slept for about six hours, woke up for a few minutes and then slept for another few hours.   Mary Jane suggested we only give it to her at bedtime but Dr. Weicker suggested a low dose throughout the day to have a baseline on pain medication in her system.  I also started giving her Tylenol the other day and was surprised at how much it perked her up.  Since then she hasn’t gone more than five hours without it as she realizes that it does keep some of the pain at bay and so she asks for it.  I feel so terrible that she’s been in pain for so long and not understood it herself to ask for help.  I was warned that children don’t understand their pain and under report it, but it wasn’t until this week that I actually understood it.  I just hope it’s not too late to get her pain under control so she can find some level of comfort again.

As a family we experienced the highlight of our week today.  A dear friend, Judy Wedge, had offered a while ago to cater a dinner for us and a family to join us.  We invited the Anhel family and enjoyed Caser Salad, the best lasagne you can imagine, and yummy yummy dessert.   Bernadette wanted me to stay and rub her legs while everyone was eating.  Just then an angel arrived in my family room disguised as Wilma!  She stayed with Bernadette while I enjoyed the party.  It was so wonderful.  Then the real highlight was when the Anhel family joined us downstairs in the family room to pray over Bernadette for healing.  The prayers of children are very powerful and we were very grateful that the Anhel children were willing to pray with us, and impressed that Bernadette agreed!   For those who don’t know the Anhels they have nine children ranging from 18 to two.  Tommy is two and Zoe can’t get enough of him.  Stephanie is four I think and one of Bernadette’s best friends.  Catherine has dibs on Michael and Maria.  I would tease Joseph about Holly, the oldest, but I don’t want to lose my night shift help.  🙂

Within minutes of them praying over her, Bernadette was asleep.  She woke up a little while later totally miserable, ASKED for some morphine and zonked out again.  I’m hoping and praying she’s out for the night.  I’ve never seen her quite this miserable before.  My heart aches for her.

Tomorrow we might hear the results of the blood work and Dr. Weicker said he’d come check in on Bernadette hopefully in the next day or two.  Will keep you posted.   In the meantime, here is to sleep.  Johanna just came up to get her book and said Bernadette is still sleeping.  That’s two hours!  Yea!!!!!!!!!!!


By Cheryl Zimmer
Lots of hugs and love to you all.

By Susan D.
Glad that you and the Anhels could spend some time together. It is very special that you can share Bernadette’s illness as well as everyone’s hopes and prayers for her. I love that the children are included. You are all so special. God Bless!

By Melissa O’Neill
love and Prayers sent your way! Hugs the O’Neill’s

By Bernadette Jordan
The Dansereau family and the Anhel family eating and praying together, that’s powerful. A soft, warm delightful picure painted in words. A breakthrough in pain control can only be a blessing, prayers get answered but maybe not in the way we suggest. Still sleep for everyone has to be restorative. Blessings to both families and to all who continue to pray. Blessings also to the medical team who are trying so desperately to help Bernadette.

It was so nice to see your beautiful face again, Bernadette. Thank you for showing us Barbie and the Pink Shoes. We are going to look for it for our house.
the Anhels

By Ryan Kurz
ZZZZZZZ sounds good. I hope you and Bernadette get more of it! Good luck!
…our continued prayers…

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