Cloudy with a chance of Meatballs… I mean Rain.


Midnight Journal updates, so much fun! (Yes, all sarcasm intended 🙂

I am Johanna, and this is what I find my self doing at 2 in the morning. I know you don’t ever see updates from me but I had a sprout of inspiration. Weird sort of thing, inspiration. It comes out of nowhere and if you don’t do anything with it all you are left with is a sense of “I should have done something but now I forget what it was.” Being an artist I get sprouts of inspiration a lot and have learned(the hard way) to use it or lose it. So here it goes.

Bernadette hasn’t been eating a lot lately and when she does find a food she likes it is all she will eat for days. Last week it was cheerios, two days ago it was sausage (hence the title meat… yeah, you get it), and today it is cinnamon toast, with the crusts cut off! I think she has had 6 pieces so far today. We were joking the other day that we should all start the “Bernadette fast” where we only eat Bernadette’s flavor of the week. But unfortunately I failed when Mom opened the chocolate.

Bernadette’s friend Stephanie came over to play today. Unfortunately for Bernadette, she fell asleep and didn’t get much time with Stephanie. But I lucked out and got to have fun with her. We made Kraft Dinner, and watched a movie, and were just about to play Barbies when she had to go home. I hope Bernadette doesn’t mind sharing when Stephanie comes to play on Tuesday. 😉

Our oldest brother, Paul, and his wife Christina came for dinner tonight. Baby Ruth has gotten so big in the last couple of weeks! Zoe was fascinated by Ruth and tried to fling herself out of my arms whenever she saw Ruth. I think the two of them will be great playmates.

Well I hope I didn’t bore you. This update wasn’t all about Bernadette, and I think that’s good. If you paint all these clouds with silver linings your picture is still going to seem so gloomy. Where as if you add pockets of blue it brightens up the mood. I’m just trying to add that patch of blue and show that even though the world seems to be revolving around Bernadette we still have those star moments that keep the mood light.

(Let’s see. Bit of sarcasm… Check. Pun attempt… Check. Random family stuff… Check. Inspirational stuff… Check. Repeating everything Mom posted… Probably. Wait! is this thing still on?! Oops…. 🙂


By Dorothy Hruby
Right on, Johanna. Write more often. Blue skies are wonderful to take advantage of. Thank you so much for sharing. From an old English teacher, you are above honors in your composition. Keep writing!!!

By Wilma
It was nice to see some blue sky from you Johanna.Thanks for sharing and give Bernadette a ‘Gentle Hug’ from me.
God’s blessing to you all.

By Ryan Kurz
Very upbeat entry Johanna! I nice twist in the daily blogging and a great read! Thanks for sharing and pitching in with your take on what’s been going on. All of you are amazing! We continue to pray to give you the strength to keep doing what you’re already doing for Bernadette.
Very inspiring!!
All our love…

By Gaetane Shirley
Oh my gosh Johanna, I do hope your going to be a writer when you grow up!! Although you are already so grown up! What a wonderful post to read, I find it amazing that you can stay up most of the night with Bernadette…….. Maybe it’s all our prayers that help with that. God bless you & our prayers continue for all of you.

By Susan D.
Johanna, what a great writer you are! I would love to hear more of your thoughts. Your Mom’s words keep me in touch and remind me to hope and pray. So do yours! Prayers and hugs to the whole family.

By Bernadette Jordan
Johanna you have obviously inheirted your mother’s gift for writing. This is a most interesting and informative journal entry. You covered so much and did it with dashes of humor and daubs of color. (silver linings, pockets of blue, so pleasing to read and imagine). Please write more, the prayer warriors your mother mentions in her last post read them and are inspired to pray even more. My heartfelt prayers are joining hundreds of others.

By Robert Paille
Thank you ,Johanna, for a delightful and heart-warming report. You are a very talented young lady ,and a writing career looms large for you.

By Suzanne Empey
Johanna your writing is such that it feels good to get another perspective. We pray daily for the whole family. Thank you for mentioning Paul, wife and baby. I guess your mom forgot to tell me in our yearly Christmas epistle that she had become a grand-mother. How wonderful. Give each other a hug from us. Love and Light.

By Bob Williston
Dear Johanna, I see you share in the literary talents of your mother! Well written and great to hear the perspective of another family member. I so much appreciate these updates. When we are so far away, you and your mom bring us right to Bernadettes bedside with your descriptive prose. We keep up our love and prayers…thanks for sharing with us through this experience.
love, bob and joan

By Danielle O’Neill
Lots of love to you Johanna and the rest of your family. We are praying for you all at this time along with our prayers for Bernadette. It’s good to hear from you. Maybe you should blog a bit more often.

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