Words I honestly didn’t think I’d ever hear…


Today Bernadette blessed me with the words I honestly didn’t think I’d ever hear, “Mom, it’s nice that my hair isn’t in the way. And it will grow back won’t it?”  She said it with such peace and contentment that it was a small miracle in itself that I didn’t start crying right then and there.    A few minutes later though I almost did when she shared her realization and regret over another important matter to her.  When Catherine received her First Holy Communion last year, Bernadette tried to show that she was already ready to receive hers, though she wasn’t.  Next year was to be her First Communion year and she was looking forward to it.  Due to her illness she received the Sacrament of the Sick at the hospital the day of her 48 hour blood transfusion ordeal which included Holy Communion, which means technically her First Communion.  It happened at what was to her the middle of the night while she was fighting a high fever and was quite sick.  Not a pleasant experience or memory.  This morning as I was telling her we were heading out to Mass she lamented, “Do you remember that time when Fr. George came to the hospital?  I didn’t realize that was my First Communion!”  I promised her that when she got better we would celebrate her First Communion and that made her happy.

The third thing she said that surprised me was she asked if her friend, Stephanie, could come over after Mass and play with her since they didn’t really get much chance when she was over on Thursday with the rest of her family. I told her I’d ask but couldn’t promise.  Turns out it worked out and Stephanie returned with us from church – only to find a very cranky Bernadette whose Morphine had worn off a bit while we were gone.  Stephanie was very patient, she ate her lunch downstairs near Bernadette’s bed and then they watched “Ice Age” together but Bernadette fell asleep.  Soon after Joseph drove Stephanie home but she will return on Tuesday.  When Bernadette woke up she was disappointed that again she didn’t play with Stephanie.  We’re praying Tuesday Stephanie catches her at a high point in her day.  Today’s high point was first thing in the morning.

As for her doctor’s visit yesterday, it went very well.  Dr. Weicker said that her breathing is still clear and strong which is wonderful.  He also said that he’s very comfortable with us trying Vitamin C IV treatments.  I asked him point blank if it was even worth doing and he said yes.  He shared a story he heard in the movie, “Facing the Giants”, about two farmers who were praying for rain during a drought.  The first farmer remained on his knees and prayed.  The second farmer prayed and then got up, plowed, and planted his field.  When the rain came only the second farmer was ready for his prayers to be answered.  We have been praying so long and so hard and maybe, just maybe, this is one way in which God will answer them with a yes.  We just don’t know how He will act but we can give Him many opportunities.   In a way it’s almost a miracle that we even found out we can receive the Vitamin C IV treatments.  They were my preferred choice all the way back to the day we found out Bernadette was sick.  I honestly thought though that we had to go to the States or Mexico and knew that wasn’t an option with Bernadette not in any condition to travel.  As Creator of the entire universe, Jesus can redeem time, for He is not bound by time or space, and so we’re praying He will make up for lost time in this case.   We are also continuing to pray for a miracle in whatever way God wants to do it.  If there is one thing I have experienced about God Our Father’s way of answering prayers is that His preferred MO is humility and if we’re looking for an immediate cure we may be blinding ourselves to His “Yes” in another way.  I’m not saying I’m not open to an immediate cure by any means, but I am open to a more humble cure that could take time.  I’m also praying, though I confess it’s extremely difficult, to accept His will no matter what it is.

So there you have it, even though it wasn’t a great day for Bernadette, it was filled with ‘ordinary miracles’ that made the Lord’s Day that much more holy for us.  Oh, I almost forgot another one.   We’re trying Dexamethasone again, only this time for it’s primary purpose of decreasing the swelling around the tumours.  Her tummy is so big and the skin is so tight I fear she will have the discomfort of stretch marks very soon, if they haven’t started already.  Today was her first dose and she was in tears before I even gave it to her, but she discovered that it actually tasted good.  Oh what a relief!    Thank you, Lord!!!!!

And thank you all again and again for your prayers.  There are so many prayer warriors storming Heaven’s gate and so many tears that turn to arrows piercing Jesus’ heart of love and mercy that it gives us the strength and hope to face another day.  I leave you tonight with this wonderful thought – there will come a time when we will have all eternity to say thank you over and over to each of you personally.


By Matteo Raineri Cavalca — last edited
This movie Facing the Giants is an amazing one, along with many others done by he same church family. There is also Faith like Potatoes, which, BTW, is a true story. They all strengthen our faith and show us how Jesus is faithful, no matter what. Beautiful testimony, Patty. Blessings!

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