We have a potential doctor on our hands!


Let’s start with some uplifting news.  🙂  I heard that many people gathered at St. Joseph’s this afternoon to pray for Bernadette and our family.  We can’t thank everyone enough for all your love and prayers.  With her having another rough day, just knowing at the same time people were praying gave us the strength and grace to face today’s trials.  Thank you!  I also believe that everyone’s prayers helped Bernadette get through today’s rough patches with less pain and discomfort.  Thank you!   As for a more down to earth nuts and bolts blessing Marc’s co-workers were extremely generous and donated a total of seven weeks of their paid vacation to him so he can continue to be paid while taking time off work.  Their kindness and generosity blew us away.  Two days after we learned the wonderful news we received flowers and everyone automatically thought they were coming from Marc’s work cause every time the flower shop phones with a delivery it’s from work.  Instead we were all pleasantly surprised.  They were from a dear lady in Vancouver, Sue Duvorak.  It was an incredible arrangement with the most beautiful big roses I’ve ever seen.  Wow.  One of my first thoughts was, “Oh darn, if only I’d been doing a novena to St. Theresa the Little Flower!” 🙂  Thank you, Sue!!!  They warmed and soothed this aching mother’s heart!

Like I mentioned, Bernadette had another rough day.  She had her third Vitamin C treatment and started throwing up within an hour.  The good news is Marc and I learnt from yesterday’s ordeal and are much more efficient in helping her before she needs an entire bed change and bath.  Unfortunately we still had to strip her bed twice because the fluid from the IV just seems to go right through her and she didn’t have the energy, desire, or realization to hobble to the bathroom.  Which is perfectly okay with me, I’d rather see her resting and comfortable than worrying about wetting the bed.  Thankfully the two times she did insist on getting up I was able to quickly strip her bed and have it ready for her return.  With a little help from either Joseph, Johanna, Catherine, or Marc or any combination of them of course.

So right now Bernadette seems to be resting comfortably.  It’s so freeing to not have to worry about her getting the morphine on time due to her sleeping.  The last couple weeks she slept about four hours in a 24 hour period and the last two days it’s the opposite, she’s awake about four hours in a 24 hour period.  Then again she does have an awful lot of catching up to do, so sleep my precious little one sleep!

Do you ever wonder what six-year-olds are thinking?  Bernadette has a lot of time to think these days and she’s starting to share some of those thoughts with us.  Last night she was curious and asked me to teach her how her cords and the clamps work.  This morning she asked if I’d teach her how the morphine pump worked.  She listened with great interest when I explained what all the buttons were for.  Thankfully she didn’t ask about the “Dose” button because I didn’t want her to know she can have a “break through” dose if needed.  Just after our lesson, she was complaining that it hurt under her tummy and I did give her a break through dose but didn’t tell her.  She didn’t complain about any pain the rest of the day, except for a headache during the IV treatment.  Today was day three and all three days she mentioned a headache either during or right after her treatments.  Dr. Gervais did say that the body thinks the vitamin C is sugar and her blood sugar goes up for a little while which could easily explain the headaches.

Tonight Marc and I thought we’d split the night shift again just because Bernadette had such a rough day and she requires extra attention.  As great as Joseph and Johanna are at staying up with her, it will be good when we start getting night nursing on a regular basis.  And it’s not like it leaves them with nothing to do to contribute.  With Bernadette needing even more care during the day, we need their extra hands to help with Zoe and Catherine.  Zoe is a full time job all on her own!  One of Marc’s favorite sayings is “needs change” and our needs change almost daily.  I just don’t know what we’d do without Joseph and Johanna and their willingness to be so flexible.

Here’s to hoping and praying we have an uneventful night and a better day tomorrow.


By Zita O’Neill
How wonderful to have the donation of Marc’s co-workers!! The flowers sound just amazing and so timely too! You are all very much in my prayers. You are so blessed to be in the heart of such a faith-filled community. XX

By Bob Williston
Just wanted you to know that I plan to use the story of Marks coworkers inmy homily this weekend. Still in our thoughts and prayers,
bob and joan

By Venee et al
Praying for you sweet family, joined at the heart Patti, as all mothers need to be- in union we stand at times such as these. Blessings of peace and rest is my prayer for you today!

By Bernadette Jordan
Yes we did come together to pray for Bernadette and for all of you. The roses sound beautiful especially on such a gloomy day. It’s possible, even likely, that St. Theresa, the Little Flower played a part in bringing some joy to your aching heart. The generosity of Marc’s co-workers must have brought immense joy and relief. Praise God for every act of kindness and love, and for each and every prayer.

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