Dressing change drama of a different kind and one problem solved!!!!!


Yah, I have some happy news to report.  Just did a dressing change and Bernadette’s blistery rash is totally cleared up.  Praise God!
We were suppose to do the dressing change on Thursday but she was having such a rough day that Mary Jane said we’d wait until Friday.  Friday came and went without it because Bernadette was still throwing up and there was no way we wanted her throwing up during a dressing change!  So I waited until tonight when she was awake but guess what?  She threw up.  I was going to wait yet another day except I’m starting to feel a little yucky myself and feared that if I were to come down with the flu too then when would she get her dressing change done?  So I quickly got everything ready, thinking that since she just threw up that we’d have a few minutes before she might do it again.  Especially since she hadn’t thrown up all day.  Well once again my thinking was WRONG.  Right in the middle of cleaning her central line site she started vomiting again.  Thankfully Joseph and Johanna were right here in the room playing on the Wii and they were both able to jump and help me.  Joseph had the bucket under her so it wouldn’t get anywhere near the open site while I quickly put the new dressing back on.  Then I stopped and cleaned her up before continuing with the cap change.  Thankfully that only took a few minutes and was done without any trouble.  Unfortunately it got in her hair again so we need to attempt another hair wash tonight before the big kids go to bed.  Just waiting for Bernadette to feel a little better.Discovered something more about morphine tonight too.  I was able to get Bernadette’s dressing off in one swift movement without any breaks and very little Remove.  She didn’t say ‘stop’ until I was just done and it took less than a minute.  Record time!  But I have to give all the credit to the morphine.

So today was relatively uneventful except for tonight.  Meme and Pepe came early this morning and took care of Zoe so Marc and I could run to town for a few things.  We were back in two hours.  Apparently Bernadette slept the entire time with no problems.  She’d started the morning off with throwing up so I was a little worried about leaving her.  Thankfully Joseph had backup so we could go.  Then the rest of the day, Bernadette continued to sleep more than she was awake.  I think she’s resting more than sleeping though because suddenly she’ll say something and then go quiet again.  Tonight she said, “I was just thinking.”  I asked her what about and she replied “Something Meme said to me this morning but now I forget what it was.”  Then she was asleep again.  She did ask for a strawberry smoothie this afternoon and later banana and peanut butter.  She only ate one piece of banana and took a few sips of the smoothie but she enjoyed what she ate.   Just before she threw up tonight she asked for cereal but I didn’t get a chance to get it for her as I was feeding Zoe.  It was one time I was so glad I wasn’t able to be efficient and get it for her right away.  Then again with how sleepy she is these days she’d have asked for it and not eaten it anyway.  She did that this afternoon, she asked for toast, but as I walked into the room with it she informed me she wasn’t going to eat it after all.  deep sigh

Marc and I are doing the night shift again.  Now I just need to get the two big kids off to bed so they’re not zombies tomorrow.  Please pray for us that we don’t come down with the flu that’s going around.  Seriously it is the LAST thing we need in this house right now.  oy oy oy!!!!


By Allan, Angela, Jonas,James, Gabriel, and Mattias
We are praying..no flu in the Dansereaux houshold.


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