A Day at the Spa!


If it weren’t for the seriousness of the situation, I’d say that Bernadette had a great day getting a full body massage – all day.  She’s discovered the soothing comfort of having her feet, legs, back, hands, arms, tummy, and other areas only a mother would massage rubbed or creamed. For weeks she continually asked me to put cream on her dry feet and I was using Aveeno moisturizing oil.  I was thinking that because it was an oil it would restore her feet in no time but instead it just seemed to dry them out even more.  So a couple days ago I switched to  “Dermal Therapy – actively restores moisture to dry, itchy skin”.  It was given to me at the Fall Fair by a lady who sold Marc and I orthotics.  I’d never used it because it has mint in it and I didn’t want it to affect nursing Zoe.  So now Bernadette is receiving the benefits of it and her feet are oh so silky smooth.  So tonight after reading the bottle more carefully I decided to try it on her back because that’s the place she constantly asks me to scratch these days.  It’s even true that it’s non greasy – after a few minutes.  We’ll see if it gives her back any relief.  If it does she’ll probably start asking for it everywhere and I’ll run out real soon.

I’d like to say that she’s stopped throwing up, but I can’t.  It’s not very often and not very much but it’s still happening once in a while.  Enough that we need to watch her like a hawk so she doesn’t choke or suffocate because she’s just too weak to even lift her head off her pillow.  Once in a while she’ll put out her arms which means ‘please help me sit up’, she’ll try shifting position and then literally throws herself back down on her pillow.  She discovered that I can shift her without her help and now she prefers that to trying to get herself comfortable.  Tonight she even put her two hands together like she was praying but she was trying to show me how she’d like to be shifted.  It was really cute actually.  Morphine or no morphine, she still has a sharp mind and is thinking all the time, when she’s awake that is.

As I type this I can hear Zoe crawling around upstairs and I have to smile.  Have you ever fought God only to find out later, and rather humbling too, that God was right and you were wrong?  Well I’ve been doing that for over a year now and am thankful that God doesn’t always let me get my way (thought I still wish He would in Bernadette’s case).  When we found out we were expecting Zoe I looked to the heavens and asked God if He was crazy.  He was blessing us AGAIN with another child!  Didn’t He know how old I was?  Didn’t He realized how difficult being pregnant at 48 was?  I mean honestly!  What was He thinking?   Can’t say as I know for sure, obviously, but I suspect that He knew we needed Zoe.  She is such a happy child and always has been.  She makes people smile and laugh as only a baby can.  She truly is medicine and sunshine during this dark time.  Just five minutes with her recharges our batteries and we find ourselves smiling and laughing when we didn’t think it was in us.  And she’s like that for everyone.  Right now she’s at a particularly cute stage of exploration and discovery, learning to mimic and realizing she can make people laugh.  She waves and wants to converse so badly.  And she’s already showing trouble shooting thinking.  She was playing with a chair yesterday and Joseph put his foot in the way to stop it from moving.  She frowned and looked all over to see why the chair wasn’t working any more.  It was hilarious.   She also dances to music and keeps time perfectly!  She is just way way too cute for her own good.   Ah yes, God knew we needed Zoe.  Who would have thought!  Certainly not me!  Oh when will I learn not to fight with God so much? Maybe after He restores Bernadette to full health?  Not likely, I think it’s just in my nature to. esh

Well, we have a mystery on our hands.  An angel disguised as ????? dropped off five jars of hamburger soup this afternoon and we have no clue who it was.  Marc went to take Zoe and Catherine to his parents’ for a little while and found the box on our step.  Marc served some for supper to  Catherine who decided she didn’t want to try Wilma’s yummy lasagne, and she came bounding down the stairs to tell me how delicious it was.  So to whoever gave us the wonderful soup, we thank you!  Now we just need to discover who it was so we can return the jars.


By Carole Landry — last edited

Thanks Patti for opening your mother’s heart to us. Your children are God’s gift to you and your family but also to our community. By sharing your sorrow and joy you sing the Magnificat of motherhood for all of us and God is listening. We love you.

By Susan D.

Thanks for sharing, Patti. All your children are a blessing, but Zoe certainly arrived at a time when the miracle of a child was needed. Take care. Hugs…

By Bernadette Jordan

I’m hoping the new cream gives Bernadette (and you) some relief. You describe this heart brreaking situation in such moving ways. Zoe is another musical Dansereau, God’s gift ALL of us just like the rest of the family. Father George included Bernadette in a very thought provoking homily on Sat. night. A reminder to PRAY BIG, and yet small miracles like finding the right cream also give us hope. Hope sustains us. Praying and hoping for miracles of any size.

By Bob Williston
Hey Patti, Dont worry….Zoe is the END of the alphabet….You only start over if AARON comes along!
Your faith and love for your family inspires us all. I used you guys in my homily for four small parishes this week. I was talking about how the walk of faith is so filled with good news…I used Marcs coworkers offer as an example…lots of tears…..love you guys!

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