Quiet day


Happy to report that today was relatively quiet.  During the night Bernadette gave Sothear a bit of a rough time when she needed to be changed, but other than that they had a good night.  Then this morning Dr. Weicker came for a visit and said he was happy to see improvement in her.
And what was the improvement you might ask?  Would you believe something as simple as FOUR bowel movements during the night.  You know how much your life has simplified when your biggest excitement is bowel movements.   eshMarc said she was awake for about five to six hours during the night and early morning but then she slept the rest of the day, only asking for juice, water, or a little PediaSure throughout the day.  No throwing up, no more ‘movements’, no funny outbursts, no TV watching, no complaining, no shifting positions every twenty minutes.  A very quiet day.

We did have a little excitement though.  We met a new nurse, Lona.  She came for a few hours this evening and we all really enjoyed getting to know her.  Bernadette even let Lona help her get juice and milk and said thank you!   Lona gave Marc and I a crash course in how to use the oxygen that we’re using on Bernadette along with the Vitamin C IV’s.  That was such a relief to us.  When Marc picked it up yesterday morning he didn’t get any instruction on how to use it so it was stressing us out just a little – or a lot truth be told.  Thank you, Lona!!!!!

Bernadette didn’t have a Vitamin C treatment today as her little body is retaining fluid and needs a break.  My understanding is she won’t have one tomorrow either but will resume on Thursday.  Dr. Weicker is working with Dr. Gervais and consulting a doctor in Fort Langley to see if there is a way to adjust the treatments so she’s not struggling so much with the fluid build up.  We’ll see if it works.



By Susan D.
Glad she had a peaceful day.

By Bernadette Jordan
What challenges you face and with such love. It shines like a beacon. Your descriptive journal entries put us all right there; it’s a situation that would overwhelm most of us, and yet you seem to take each challenge and work through it. Bernadette is in capable loving hands and with an army of prayer warriors as well as the medical people who arrive on the scene; hope has to be what sustains everyone. Blessings for this coming day.

“Improvement” is such a welcomed word…and so is “quiet day”. Hopefully you had a chance to recharge your mind and body.
I pray Bernadette has a perky afternoon, enough so, that she can see Amber & Sienna later today. The girls really want to say “hi” to her.
Thanks for all the daily updates Patti. I read them aloud to the family to keep them informed.
Wishing you a blessed day!



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