Johanna takes the plunge


Last Tuesday Johanna had her long hair cut off to donate to the Cancer Society.  This is the third time she’s done this.  She’s donated 12inches, 18inches, and now 15inches.  She made it clear to me that she did NOT get it cut this time in any way connected to Bernadette’s illness and death.  She’s been doing this since she was ten.  She did offer to have it cut to make a wig for Bernadette if we were going the chemo route which was very kind of her.  And when we cut Bernadette’s hair back in January and she was so upset about it, Johanna offered to get her hair cut too if it would make Bernadette feel better.

I do think though that this time meant a lot more to Johanna given her recent experience with cancer and how close to home it has struck.

Johanna 1 Johanna 2


By Danielle O’Neill

Wow Johanna, imagine how long your hair would be if you’d never had it cut. Probably all the way down to your ankles by now. Like Crystal Gail. You’re a very special young lady.

By Jolene Scherr

Looks awesome!

By Cheryl Zimmer

What a beautiful gesture of caring. May God bless you Johanna for your generosity.

By The Kurz’s

Awesome Johanna! Amber did this last year. It was her first major cut since birth and she wanted to give it the same way you have done.

By Aunt Monique

What a wonderful gift Johanna. Quite remarkable to do 3 times!

By Allan, Angela, Jonas,James, Gabriel, and Mattias

Your hair, Johanna, will make someone smile. It will make a beautiful wig for someone. What a selfless gift 😆

By Gaetane Shirley
Way to go Johanna, that is such a selfless thing to do, & you are beautiful whether your hair is short or long! Hugs!

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