I just came across this list Bernadette wrote out in September of all the people she wanted to start being pen pals with or already was and was excited to write to them again:


Lacey – summer friend

Lizzy – Lacey’s cousin whom she’d been writing to for a year and was very excited about.

Mrs. O’Hagan – big brother Paul’s mother-in-law.  Or Godmother’s big sister.  They’d been writing back and forth.

Emily – cousin who’d just visited in June

Hailey – Emily’s little sister

Sponsored child – we’d just started sponsoring a child Bernadette picked out herself

Grandma Scherr



By Laura Brestovansky
How heartbreaking, but also heartwarming to know she is corresponding with them, or rather, interceding for them, in Heaven. And they are praying for her, too.




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