Flowers for Bernadette



Marc, Joseph and I went to visit Bernadette’s grave site yesterday afternoon in honor of her birthday.  I think a few people were a little worried about us as they were quick to remind us, “Bernadette is not there, just remember that, she’s not there, she’s in heaven.”  That may be well and true, but it is also true, I think, that the physical part of us that was Bernadette was there and it hurt to see it covered with dirt.    The only consolation I had was that the ugly murderous tumor was also dead and it did NOT have eternal life.

In the picture section I’m going to try and add a few pictures so you get kind of a 360 view of the part of Mt. Ida cemetery were Bernadette was laid to rest.  It will look more beautiful come spring and summer.

Her birthday passed surprisingly well.  I attribute that to the many prayers of everyone covering us with God’s grace because I was dreading it so much all week and it wasn’t as bad as I imagined it would be.  Oh there were moments and waves of grief to be sure, but it wasn’t a full hurricane by any means.  We all had a nice dinner with Marc’s parents.  We didn’t sit around and tell stories about Bernadette, not this year.  Maybe next year when the pain isn’t so raw.   Paul called in the evening to see how the day went.  They were obviously with us in spirit.

Thank you to everyone who held us up in prayer yesterday.  I know we can’t thank you personally, but we do ask God to bless you all ten fold.


By Bernadette Jordan
Patti and Marc, two candles burned again at St. Clare’s church here in Arizona, my dads birthday was March 8 and I always light a candle for him, now I have another saint to remember on that anniversary and that I will continue to do; only I will pray to Bernadette and not for her. My prayers will be for her loving, grieving,amazing family. Patti your blogs have provided me with thought provoking Lenten reading and I thank you for that. I often stroll that cemetery before mass on Sat. Night. It’s comforting

By The Kurz’s
Patti, so glad to hear that the day went by quite well for you! Thanks for sharing. I know a lot of people were wondering how the day went.

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