Spiritual Birthday


Father Derrek, from Kamloops, came to our parish in Salmon Arm about five years ago and told us that we should be celebrating two birthdays every year.  The day we were born and our spiritual birthday, the day we were baptised and became adopted children of God.

Well today is Bernadette’s spiritual birthday so I suspect heaven is rejoicing with her right now on her seventh spiritual birthday.  I wonder, if we were really quiet and listened, if we’d hear the party going on?  I was hoping maybe I’d get an invitation in my sleep but when I woke up I had no recollection of being at any out of this world party.   My blankets were relatively undisturbed and I had a wicked back ache, so, nope, no partying for me.  🙁    Maybe if I go for an afternoon nap!   My brother passed away March 1st last year and one Sunday afternoon months later I laid down for a quick nap and I dreamed of a birthday party and my brother visited for a brief moment.  Granted, the party was for Catherine and Ron joined us, still I was hoping maybe the party crashing could go both ways.  Oh well, wishful thinking.   Guess that’s what I get for reading more of Peter Kreeft’s book “Everything You Want to Know About Heaven” just before going to sleep.

Invitation or no invitation, I think I’ll light seven candles for Bernadette today and spiritually join the celebration in my humanly limited capacity.

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