Mother’s Day Gift


Today being Mother’s Day I dropped a hint to Marc last weekend that if he was wanting to do something nice I had a suggestion.  Last summer his mom insisted on family photos just before Joseph went away to college.  I’m so thankful she did because they ended up being the only full family photo we’ll ever have.  I asked Marc for an 8×10 of the nicest one of the eight of us.

This morning that photo was sitting on the mantel and Zoe insisted on touching it.  She kissed Paul and Catherine in the photo a few times.  Then she pointed at everyone but her little finger kept coming back to Bernadette.  Over and over she pointed at Bernadette and grunted like she wanted to say something.  Man what I’d have given to know what was going through her little mind at that time.

Mother’s Day went better than I expected.  Except for a few brief moments in Mass I managed to control my thoughts and not let my imagination get the better of me.  Catherine heard I wanted a family photo so she made a card and drew everyone’s picture in it and signed the card from herself,  Bernadette, and Zoe.  It was so cute.  I wonder if she’s a little prophet, she drew Joseph and Paul with no hair!    Zoe must have know it was a special day too because she insisted all day that nobody would do but Mom.  She went to a few moms at the pancake breakfast after Mass but at home she’d swat the hands of anyone who tried to take her from my arms.  It was so cute!


By Danielle O’Neill
Patti, how wonderful for you all, that you have such a precious photo. I said a special rosary for you all on Mother’s day. I hope it helped. Thinking of you always

By Terry Mae Sinclair
So special…thanks, helps me remember that even when everyone groans when I want a family picture….they are worth it! Love and blessings

By jolene
Wow!! Beautiful picture!!!

By The Kurz’s
A special day indeed! Glad to hear you were able to enjoy it Patti. Great family photo!

By Mary Anne Neutelings
That picture is truly a treasure you and your family will always cherish.
Thanks for sharing it. Blessings and hugs sent your way.

By Sarah
I was thinking about you today Patti- your burden is never too far from my thoughts…so lovely of you to share your family photo – truly you are so generous even during your profound grief. Lots of love to you today. Xoxo Sarah

By BROTHER RAYMOND PIERCE CSsR Toronto — last edited
Dear Patti,
Thank you for posting your Family Photo. It is so nice to see what a wonderful family you and Marc have. Seeing your family pictures now means so much to me in light of what you have written. I now have a visual of some of the people you have been writing about.
Thank You Br Raymond

By Patricia Kwitkoski
Happy Mother’s day Patti! I missed you at church today then Joseph told us you went to Salmon Arm. Hope you enjoyed the pancakes. How wonderful that your family picture was taken. It will be a lasting memory.I too would be very curious to know what was going through little Zoe’s mind when she was pointing at Bernadette in the picture. I believe children are much more clever than we know. Love and prayers, Patricia

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