Middle of the night collision of thoughts!


It’s almost 2:00am and I’m up and at the computer recording what just flashed through my brain while I was still mostly asleep.  This is a first, but having a thought in the middle of the night is not.  So what makes this thought so special… well nothing really, I just didn’t want to forget it that’s all.  All too often I have a wonderful story idea in the middle of the night and I foolishly think it is so amazing that I’ll surely remember it in the morning but by then it is long gone, never to return, and I kick myself for not taking the time to get up and write it down.  So this time I’m up and writing it down.

I’m back to reading Peter Kreeft’s book Everything You want to know about Heaven only this time I’m not reading it like a madwoman, I’m taking my time and reading it slower so that what he says actually has a chance to sink in instead of his words just skimming across the surface of my brain like a hydroplane.

One of the things that has sunk beneath the surface this time, and I’m only on chapter three, is how Kreeft talks about our lives in this world being a preparation for heaven and how necessary all our experiences and lessons are.   At 2:00am no specific example comes to mind, except perhaps learning detachment.  In relation to what heaven will be like he also talks about how heaven will fulfill our needs: creative work is a primary human need, and our conventional pictures of Heaven are boring partly because they do not fulfill this need.  If I understand him correctly, he says that our basic human nature does not change when we get to heaven it is fulfilled, we becomes who God intended us to be when He created us.

That is one thought – our lives being preparation for heaven and being fulfilled in heaven.  Another thought or train of thought that I continuously think about is how Kreeft follows Saint John Paul II’s example from Theology of the Body (and probably other writings) when John Paul II goes ‘back to the beginning’ to God’s original plan as the starting point for understanding who we are.  To understand what heaven will be like Kreeft starts with understanding who we are from the beginning – God’s original plan when He created us in His image and likeness before the fall.  Jesus did that too when answering a question about divorce and He said, “In the beginning it was not so…” and if I understand Jesus’ answer through John Paul II’s writings, He was calling us back to that beginning and God’s original plan for marriage and for us.   Oh I’m not trying to be philosophical or theological or anything, it is almost 2:30am after all.  I didn’t anticipate having to lay some groundwork for my collision of thoughts to make sense, so doing so at this hour is difficult.

The collision hit me at 1:45am when as I turned over in bed I heard the question in my head, “Why do we have such a hard time with death if it’s a part of life?” and something/someone answered me with “Because in the beginning it was not so!”   When God created us, death was not part of His original plan.  We were made in His image and likeness and there is no death in God; therefore I guess we could almost say, it isn’t part of our original programming.

There I did it, two hours later and that question/answer is out of my head and down on paper as it were, where it can’t get lost.  Now I can go back to bed and sleep and think more about it tomorrow.  That is IF I can actually get back to sleep.



The gift of understanding…..another troubling question answered beautifully.

By xoVenee
Wow Patti, that thought is astounding. If God is thorough , and we know He is, and we are one with Him and all things are one and we participate in all, then life and death are also one and we find ourselves completely whole in death. Not original in the plan but Christ made all one once again.

By Fr. David Purcell C.Ss.R.
Thanks for this. I had never heard the question “why do we have such a hard time with death?” answered in this way before. Makes lots and lots of sense!

O happy collision 🙂

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